September 2, 2012

Rainy Day Primer

Have I mentioned how much I loathe undercoating models with a brush? I can paint an infantry model, highlights and all, in the time it takes me to paint ten infantry models black. Spray paint takes a little experience to get good results and minimize touch ups, but once you master the process it is a huge time saver. I find myself with little enough time to paint these days and I try to spend that time finishing models!

That said, on Friday I received my first regiments of Warfare Miniatures horse in the mail (watch for a detailed review soon). I wasted no time assembling them, but it was RAINING thins morning. Never mind the impossibility of spray painting in the rain, high humidity often produces poor results as well, so even if it stopped soon I didn't want to spray these models. If I wanted to start painting I was going to have to undercoat a few by hand.

I decided to try one of Citadel's new 'Technical Paints' called Imperial Primer. I still haven't had much time to mess around with much of what I got in the Citadel Paint Bundle, so this was my first time using this. The paint is thinner than 'ordinary' Citadel paints, so there is no need to mix it with water to avoid obscuring the details. It also has a high concentration of pigment and adheres well to metal (unlike thinned down acrylics normally do). When it goes on, the paint looks a little streaky, but it dried to an even coat. The results were indistinguishable from a pair of models I had setting nearby that had been undercoated with Chaos Black spray paint - in fact maybe better as the models painted with spray paint appear satin while the those painted with Imperial Primer are matte.

Anyway, I'm off to paint some cavalry (photos and a review soon). If you undercoat models with black primer by hand, give the Citadel Imperial Primer a try.


  1. I primed a handful of figures today in the basement today. That offsets the humidity problem

  2. looks good how much was a bottle? is that a normal small size bottle? for Alte Fritz but for basement priming how do you solve the aeorsol problem / proper ventilation?

    1. Normal size bottle - it came in my Citadel Bundle, but the GW website says $3.70...

  3. I've since moved onto Gesso for all my winter/indoor priming needs. 3.75 will more likely get you 500ml of the stuff, and it shrinks as it dries. Much better than these teeny bottles. I get it in white, but I'm pretty certain it comes in black and grey too. You can get it in any artist supplies store (