November 30, 2012

A Tale of One Gamer - Part Eight

November sees the completion of my Red Scorpions army at 2000 points!

Of course, I've already shown the Land Raider. The remaining additions gave some much needed speed to my force. The bike squad and attack bike will be fielded as one unit and the Assault Squad will normally support the bikes or the Vanguard Veteran squad.

So the final tally...

Space Marine Captain
Space Marine Command Squad
Space Marine Librarian

Space Marine Tactical Squad (10)
Space Marine Tactical Squad (10)
Space Marine Squad Squad (8)

Space Marine Terminator Squad (5)

Fast Attack
Space Marine Bike Squad (3 + Attack Bike)
Space Marine Assault Squad (5)
Vanguard Veterans (5)

Heavy Support
Land Raider Crusader

Basically painted over the course of four months! I discovered that by alternating between the Space Marines and Tyranids, it was easier to keep the drive going and not burn out slapping the same colors on models day after day. It was also easy to paint 500-points a month and left me time to work on other projects.

When I started this project, part of the goal was to paint things I had tucked away in my game room. The only thing I purchased for the Red Scorpion army were the Assault Marine box and the Land Raider doors from Forge World. After all this, I STILL have enough unpainted kits to add another 1000 points easy, but I am planning on starting ANOTHER Space Marine army for 2013 that I've wanted to do for a very long time...

Anyway, this was a fun experiment - next month will see the completion of my 2000 point Tyranid army!

November 25, 2012


Warfare Miniatures will soon be offering 132 variants on Cuirassiers for the period 1670 - 1721. This is achieved by having 22 sets of 3 unique sculpts available on both Standing or Galloping horse variants. The range covers English, Irish, Dutch, French, German, Danish, Bavarian, Austrian Imperial Circle, early Swedish, Saxon, Spanish and a wide variety of smaller states from the Scanian Wars through Sedgemoor, Ireland, Flanders 1689-1697, Rhineland, Italy, Eastern Wars, Great Northern War, WSS in Flanders, Spain and Germany.

English helmets, Continental Helmets, Hats, Tricornes, Bareheads with wigs and without, bandaged too. Cuirasses over coats under coats and front plate only. Musicians with arm variants playing and resting. Lances for standards with attachable finials and cords, arm variants with pistols cocked, firing, swords at rest, up right and extended, officers arms waving hats or tricornes.

Lots of photos here...

November 7, 2012


Two billion dollars and 18 months of campaigning and the country ends up with essentially the same situation in Washington. Poor (or no) leadership on both sides. A bitterly divided government that won't be able to pursue any meaningful agenda for the future. Normally I hope for gridlock in D.C. because I think the less they accomplish, the better off we are. There are serious problems facing the country and I see few ideas offered to fix things and even less chance of both sides coming together even make the attempt.

Apologies for the rant - more painted models coming up!

November 2, 2012

A Tale of One Gamer - Part Seven

Last month I managed to bring my Tyranid force up to 1500 points...

This gives me one HQ, five Troops(!), one Elite (or two if I split up the Lictors), and one Heavy Support (a pair of Carnifex). Now for the fun part - because I already have so many Troop choices, getting to 2000 points in December will be easy with the addition of one of tank-sized monsters and one or two small units. I have no idea how effective this army will be on the table, but that is really secondary for now. When I get the chance to run some games, I can rework the list while I fill in extra units toward 3000 points!