January 18, 2016

Lieutenant Colonel John Cairns Regiment of Foot

Here's one of the units for the defenders of Derry at the Battle of Penny Burn Mill, Lieutenant Colonel John Cairns Regiment of Foot...

The uniform and flag of the unit are unknown. Many of the units on both sides at Derry were probably dressed in civilian clothes, so I've used a unit with a bit of a motley appearance. The flags are plain, the sort militia might carry, however in the case they are meant to represent the famous 'bloody flag' of Derry.

We're also not sure exactly which infantry units marched in support of Captain Murray's attack (most were detachments of musketeers rather than organized battalions), but Lieutenant Colonel Cairns was very active in the defense of the town and seems a good choice for our game.

Next up, Captain Adam Murray's Regiment of Horse!

January 10, 2016

Jacobite Foot - Sir Eustace's Regiment

These have been finished for a while now, but I just got the chance to finish the bases. Presenting Sir Maurice Eustace's Regiment of Foot for Beneath the Lily Banners...

They are one of the Jacobite regiments that were present at the Battle of Penny Burn Mill. As I always like to point out (in case someone stumbles on this for the first time), with a flag swap this regiment can be used as many different units as red coats with yellow facings was a popular garb...

Irish - O'Brien/Clare and Galmoy
Dutch - Fagel and Friesen
English - Trelawney, Beaumont, Churchill, Hasting, Douglas, and Erle

Not to mention one of the dozen's of regiments we know nothing about!

January 6, 2016

Madcap Toddlekin and Kip

The Arch-Summoner of Nhiran, Master of the Seven Sounds, Dreadlord of Limbo...

"No, I am NOT a dwarf!" shouted Madcap, hopping up and down, "Why does everyone keep asking me that?" he demanded over his shoulder to his apprentice, Kip, who still stood in the doorway of the tavern. She shrugged, bemused by her master's antics. She'd witnessed the same scene play out a dozen times.

The mercenaries looked uncomfortable.

"Beggin' yer pardon, lord," replied the leader of the sellswords, "Jenkins is a bit slow - taken one too many blows to his helmet." He elbowed the man next to him as he began to protest. "If yer offer still stands, my men and I can git you to Midnight Square. We can be ready to leave at first light."

"You can gather your gear and get ready to leave within the hour if you want your gold," huffed Madcap.

"But, lord, it will be dark by the time we reach Midnight Square and rumors say no one who ventures there under the moon has never been seen again." replied the captain.

"That is why I need soldiers," said the wizard as he turned to leave. "One hour, captain..."

Madcap Toddlekin is my Frostgrave wizard and he is a Summoner. I love all of the new Frostgrave soldiers, but I wanted something different and more.. quirky for my character and chose this Reaper Pathfinder model. I also wanted an apprentice that appeared to very young and again a Reaper miniature fit the bill. Both of these models were already hiding among the ridiculous pile of metal I've accumulated over the years.

The soldiers and henchmen will be drawn from two different collections. From the the official Frostgrave collection I am using a barbarian, a thief, and two plastic crossbowmen. I am also fielding four thugs made from Wargames Foundry Vikings that really look the part in fur and quilted jerkins. I am going to paint several demons for summoning as well, though I haven't decided exactly what to use for those.

More models soon! We should be starting up a campaign in a month or so and I'll detail Madcap's misadventures when we kick off.

January 4, 2016

Historicon 2016 - Game Layout

I kicked off the new year by getting the Battle for Penny Burn Mill board underway...

It's not much to look at yet, but I needed to get the basics started so I can work out some of the specifics for the scenario. More over at the League of Augsburg site...

January 1, 2016

Looking Ahead at 2016

Happy New Year!

I am positive this is going to be a busy year for painting and modeling. Here are a few things I have planned...

Historicon 2016
I've already mentioned that Barry Hilton is making the trip across the pond and we are going to put on multiple games of Beneath the Lily Banners this summer. A great deal of my time will be devoted to building the table, painting my share of the models (I cunningly saddled Barry with 60 singly based infantry and 3 squadrons of horse), and working up various accessories and handouts. Most of my posts about this will appear on the League of Augsburg blog, but I'll mirror enough here to keep my site up to date on the progress as well. I am hoping to make progress on my Boyne project as well - some of the horse I paint for Historicon will be reflagged as the Jacobites I need for that.

All of the members of my regular group are frantically collecting and painting warbands. My terrain board is coming along nicely and I am just waiting for some supplies to arrive in the mail to finish it. I'm going to field a Summoner named Madcap Toddlefell and his apprentice Kip. I have no idea what composition of soldiers I want and will likely just paint those that appeal to me the most (and get killed in the upcoming campaign). I'll have more on this as we get on.

My American army is finished (for now) and I have piles of unpainted British and Hessians. My initial goal is to paint some light infantry and cavalry on single bases for some Donnybrook games. Then I hope to cobble together four or five units of regulars for a small game of Piquet.

Oldhammer and Rogue Trader
I have lots of plans to expand my old school collections (I just scored over 180 Citadel and Marauder Dwarfs from eBay - I may have gone a bit overboard). You can read more about that at the Stro'Knor Macekiller blog.

Newhammer.. err.. Age of Sigmar
I want to expand on my Nurgle Chaos collection. I already have lots of models - I just need to paint them!

The League of Augsburg Presents...
Besides painting, I am back on the Ireland books (and at least three other titles) with Barry. Last year I had to bow out of any creative work with LoA and Wordtwister. Barry sought out a company to do the layouts (with my full support), but for several reasons the project didn't move forward as planned. I offered to take on the books again in November and we are now full steam ahead. I am very excited to show some of what's coming, but want to get a little father along. The Ireland campaign of 1989-91 will be covered in three massive volumes. Barry really has outdone himself and I hope to up my game as well.

As usual, I will probably get distracted by something shiny (there is a Dr Who Miniatures Game coming from Warlord at some point) and my plans will probably go awry.

Thanks for continuing to stop by... All the best for 2016!