August 30, 2015

The Army of King William III

Here are some pics of my Williamite army for 1690-91 for Beneath the Lily Banners. My table isn't large enough to capture the whole army in one go!

As I mentioned in the last post I am currently working on some Jacobites, but I still want to add a few units to this army. For instance, I only have one Huguenot battalion at the moment. I also only have one English unit, with the rest of the army being filled out by foreigners! Finally, speaking of foreigners, I have a mind to add the third battalion of Dutch Guard and Eppinger's Dragoons in their ominous dark coats. For that matter I need more horse in general, but I need to paint some Jacobites first!

August 23, 2015

Moving Forward


It is premature to say I am 'back', but I do feel like it is time to move forward. I want to thank everyone for the kind comments on my blogs, the prayers, and the support. Life will never be the same, but I do find some comfort in keeping busy and I have not been idle.

I posted this Clanrickarde Regiment on the LoA blog a few weeks ago, but I thought I would place it here for the sake of continuity - I snuck it onto the 1690 page a while ago as well. It is the first of five battalions of foot I have planned for my Jacobite army.

There are some new flags over in the LoA shop for Sedgemoor 1685, with more to come for that theater...

I am working on the cover for volume one of our Ireland scenario book. This is absolutely jammed with information on the war between James II and William III with more than forty scenarios (yes, and that's volume one) for Beneath the Lily Banners and Donnybrook. It will hopefully be available this fall.

I also started a new blog (yes another one) for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. I find blogs to be a great tool simply for organizing my projects.

So, lots of projects - not sure what kind of schedule I'm going to keep, but hopefully you will see more from me soon...