February 22, 2010

Terrain Boards

I went to the hardware store this week and dropped $200 on materials to build the battlefield for Historicon! The basic plan calls for a 6x8' table that we can use for two different scenarios. This will be six 2x4' framed MDF boards that will be designed to fit together in several different configurations. I already have a detailed tutorial of my process on the Articles page of my main website, so I won't be duplicating that here. However, I will post WIP pics and cover anything that I do differently and I will be happy to answer questions as things progress.

We will be running two or three games a day every day at Historicon, featuring two different scenarios for two different games (yes, we are crazy). Half of the games will feature my Napoleonic collection and will of course use REPUBLIC TO EMPIRE, while the second game will be pike and shot featuring the upcoming second edition of BENEATH THE LILY BANNERS (hopefully available this Spring). Details are still be worked out, but both scenarios feature a river crossing.

On the painting front, I am currently working on a unit of the 32nd Leger, expanding a unit I painted for skirmish games to a small battalion of 24 models...

February 12, 2010



Finished! Well, almost... I'll  add the flag and finish off the bases this weekend (and my Legion Hanoverienne bases) and put up a few proper pics next week.

February 10, 2010

15 in 24

Following up an a question from Michael on the last post, I want to point out that the Perry Bardin 1812 uniforms are completely wrong for this unit due to the fact that the battalion had been disbanded in 1811! To be perfectly honest, I don't worry too much about the pre/post era uniforms - I have both in my armies. There are overlaps in the period where both would be worn, but this unit they would never have worn the 1812 uniform.  The last four or five units I've painted have been Victrix and I really just wanted a change of pace.

How important is historical accuracy in your collections?

February 9, 2010

11 in 24

Charging on!


Barry has started a new feature in his gallery on the LoA site to illustrate unit types and sizes for playing games with REPUBLIC TO EMPIRE. Hopefully it will become a handy reference source for players building Napoleonic collections. His site will concentrate on the 100 Days Campaign and I may try to do something similar with my area of interest in the Peninsula.

February 8, 2010

6 in 24

I managed five models today! That is probably an unrealistic pace for the rest of the week. My normal goal is four models a day and to paint at least four days a week - the great coats tend to speed up the process so we'll see how it goes...

Damn! Speaking of great coats, I just realized I forgot the third highlight on guys wearing the gray coats! I generally don't bother with the third highlight on small items, like a rolled up great coat, so I skipped the third color! Well, I'll remedy that tomorrow in addition to anything else I get done.

February 7, 2010

1 in 24

Despite having a rare weekend off, I found myself ironically unable to get much accomplished!

I did manage a test figure which is my normal method of approaching a new unit and I'm very pleased with the way he turned out so it's full steam ahead! The painted model is a minor conversion (I love plastic minis). The base figure is one of the Perry skirmishers, but I removed the poor fellow's head to replace it so he's looking in the direction he's pointing rather than back at his troops as the original would be posed. The left arm is pirated from a spare Victrix sprue. I should be able to make a lot of progress this week and I'll try to post updates every night...

I also took the opportunity last night to mess around with the blog tool to come up with a layout more to my liking.

Plans are moving forward on the Historicon 2010 front. Barry and I had a very enjoyable phone call yesterday and hammered out a few more of the details. The plan is to run at least two games a day, split between Republic to Empire and Beneath the Lily Banners. To give as many people as possible the chance to join in, each player will control a brigade and we should be able to get six to eight people per game. It is my understanding that once the Historicon schedule is set you will be able to sign up for games in advance so keep an eye out if you plan to participate. I'll announce early sign ups here and more details as they unfold!

February 5, 2010

Legion du Midi

I finished another battalion of the Legion Hanoverienne and I'll post pics of the unit after I get it based, but it's time to start on another obscure unit that served with them in Spain... the Legion du Midi.

There were two units known by the name Legion du Midi. The first was formed of volunteers from Cette, Narbonne, Nimes and Perpignan on 27 April 1792. It served in the Vendee and existed for just over a year. The other was Franco-Italian and descended ffom the Legion Piemontaise which was raised on 18 May 1803 from the French departments of Italy. In the event only the 1er Legion Piemontaise was raised and in July 1804 it took the name Legion du Midi. It consisted of three battalions. The 1er and 2e were posted to the Caribbean where they were incorporated into the 82e de ligne in June 1805.

The 3e Bataillon, and the one we're concerned with, remained in France and was renamed 1er battalion. In 1807 it was posted to the 3rd Division of Junot's Army of Portugal, and served alongside the Legion Hanovrienne throughout its Peninsular service It remained in Spain and until August 1811 when it was disbanded and remaining personnel incorporated into the 11e and 31e legeres. 

I decided to use some Perry models for this unit, with the minor conversion and addition of a Victrix arm (the musket on a sling over his shoulder) for the grenadier on the end. The uniforms won't be as accurate since the Perry models are post 1812, but they will work fine for my table. The Legion du Midi wore brown coats with sky blue facings and were considered a light infantry unit, though their undistinguished service record doesn't suggest they were any more than drilled troops. They were, however, issued an eagle, unlike the Legion Hanoverienne (their standards are topped with simple spear points).

I'll be posting WIP pics of this unit every day I manage to accomplish something!