August 31, 2012

A Tale of One Gamer - Part Five

40k Friday - Here are the results of another round of my 'A Tale of One Gamer' project for August!

This brings me around 1000 points and gives me a battlefield legal force. The Hive Tyrant gives me terrifying combat abilities while the Tyrant Guard will help keep this monster on the table. Though they lost a bit of power in 6th edition, Genestealers are still one of the scariest close combat units around and I'm happy to add them to my army. I've pretty much reached the end of what I had on hand (the Tyrant Guard are my first new purchase for this project). I still have a carnifex kit and a handful of gaunts so going forward they will make up the next round of reinforcements. Not sure what I'll add to make up the rest of my next 500 point goal - off to the store!

I'm planning to play the first game of a mini-campaign in September and will post the results when I can.

More Space Marines next month as I try to get them to 1500 points...

August 27, 2012

Dragoon Flags

Yet more flags for the growing range - this time dragoons from the Boyne/Aughrim campaign...

With this release, that brings me to more than 100 regiments of foot, 35 regiments of horse, and 18 regiments of dragoons! I'll be filling in a few stragglers from the Ireland and Scotland campaigns (I just realized I left out Schomberg's regiment of horse which one of the first on the list for my personal collection), then moving on other theaters!

August 21, 2012

Flags for Killiecrankie

...Plus a few extra Highland banners! As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we are going to present the Battle of Killiecrankie at Historicon 2013 and one of the first things I did was sit down to capture the standards that flew over that battlefield. There are six government regiments - three Scots in Dutch service, two newly mustered Scots, and one English. The initial two sheets of Jacobite Scots has two Royal Scots banners, eight Highland clans (including several who didn't make it to the battle that day), and two flags for Purcell's Irish regiment who fought with the Jacobites.
As usual, these will be available in the LoA Shop soon...

August 16, 2012

Here Comes the Cavalry

I am happy to announce that the next wave of flags from Quindia Studios will be available in the LoA shop any day now! As the title of the post suggests these are all horse regiments and again the focus has been on the Boyne/Aughrim campaign (plus the first sheet of Jacobite Scots), but many may be useful beyond that theater. There are 35 regiments in all - most with two flags per regiment. The Lifeguard Regiments of King William III and King James II include four and five flags respectively - one for each troop. I've taken pains to present known standards as accurately as possible. We simply don't have much information on many of the English and Irish units and I've once again resorted to conjecture for some based on convention and my best guess!

The default size of these flags is roughly 25mm square when proudly mounted on a flag staff, but we will try to accommodate those who wish to use these for smaller scales...

August 7, 2012

Historicon 2013

Yeah, I know Historicon 2012 was only a few weeks ago, but with 2013's theme being 'The Scots at War', I knew I had to get my creative partner stateside again. Barry Hilton and I have decided to attend next year's convention to promote Beneath the Lily Banners, our first scenario book (which should be out by next summer), and Warfare Miniatures. We will be presenting the Battle of Killiecrankie!

I'm going to build a new 6x8' table for the action and of course I'll be documenting the whole process. The terrain boards will be for sale as well (I have more than enough terrain for my own use), with a buyer taking ownership at the end of the convention. In addition to conducting a detailed terrain building series, I'll be presenting detailed orders of battle, uniform and flag guides for the battle, WIP photos of the model units, and generally write about adapting history to make a good game. I am thinking of setting up a blog dedicated solely to this project (but of course, I'll still have plenty of news here as well).

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the project and making another trip to Historicon!

August 3, 2012

40k Friday

I think the lid is off the secret that the first new books 6th edition codices will be for Chaos, though no one seems to know exactly how they will be divided among the various factions.

Nurgle had always been my favorite of the Chaos powers and Typhus is one of my favorite special characters. Not only is he dead hard, but rumors have him being able to upgrade your Chaos Cultists into zombies in the new book, granting them the FNP special rule and making them Fearless. Something about shambling hordes of undead staggering toward Imperial gunlines really appeals to me...