May 29, 2022

Die Schwarze Zwieblegarde

The Black Onion Guard (a reenactor group on holiday in Cist) is my second full Turnip 28 army! They are led by the enigmatic Toff, Dame Plattengesicht.  

They are based on the Cult of the Slug's Lament, which means they gain an extra unit—The Old Guard! This bonus is offset by the fact that the Old Guard and their Toff do not arrive until turn three AND take the field "Tired and Weary" with six panic tokens already in place. This means they may be brittle, but if used properly (or with some luck), they can provide a winning blow!

The Chaff (bow armed skirmishers) shown in the first photo with Lady Plateface are not actually part of the core army. I've painted them in neutral colors (relative to my armies) so I can field them as auxiliaries for either side. 

This stump gun is among my favorite creations for Turnip 28 so far.

I've really enjoyed building and painting things for this weird little universe. It's been a great side project. I'll share more Cult units soon and a tutorial on how I built the board featured in these photos.