December 8, 2017

SOLD - Death Korps of Krieg Army

I have decided to have a purge. I have a stupid number of models tucked around my house, many of which have not seen the light of day in years. The first to potentially be headed to parts unknown is my Warhammer 40k Death Korps of Krieg army.

The points of this force will vary depending on the exact combination of wargear you might add, but here is the full list with Power Values if you want to use the Forge World Death Korps list...

Death Korps Marshal (Power 3)
Death Korps Field Officer (Power 2)

Death Korps Infantry Squad (10 models) x4 (Power 4 each, 16 total)
Death Korps Grenadier Storm Squad (5 models) (Power 3)
Chimera (Power 5)

Death Korps of Krieg Command Squad (4 models) (Power 3)
Death Korps Combat Engineer Squad (10 models) (Power 8)
Death Korps Commissar x2 (Power 2 each, 4 total)

Hellhound (Power 5)

Death Korps Leman Russ x2 (Power 12 each, 24 total)
Heavy Mortar (1 model with 3 crew) (Power 3)

Baneblade (Power 30)

If you want to field them as 'generic' Astra Militarium you can add the following units...

Ogryns (3 models, converted with gas masks) (Power 4)
Armored Sentinels x2 (unique conversions) (Power 3 each, total 6)

For the later, I treated them as tracked vehicles rather than walkers, but the rest of the stats were the same. These are called Scylla Light Tanks and are patterned after conversions shown in White Dwarf sometime in the 90's...

Right, so 80 points (not including the Baneblade +30) for a Forge World list or 90 points with the generic options. You can work out the point values later. I warn you, I build armies with units I like rather than the best combination of gear, so I won't vouch for the ability of these guys in a tournament setting!

There a couple of odd models left over because the army was originally designed for an earlier list. I have another command squad with an auto-cannon team (no longer allowed in the new list), a sixth Grenadier (as you might have seen from the pic, but left out from the list above to make the Power Value work), and two more heavy mortars (no crew) painted. You could probably use the extra Vox-caster as as Master of Ordnance!

The starting asking bid is roughly the cost of buying these models unpainted, meaning you get all of my hard work for free so please don't ask if I'm willing to negotiate on the price. If they don't sell, I'll probably just pack them away for a day when I decide I might want them again...

The models were painted with Wargames Foundry colors and I will provide the list so you may expand on the collection.

Check it out HERE...

Edit: Well, that took less than 24 hours! Sold!

December 2, 2017

Slann Spawn Band Regiment

This was my first month's effort for The Old World World Army Challenge...

Head over to the blog to see more pics of these models, plus three dozen more Oldhammer armies underway!