January 28, 2012

Jyske (Jutland)

Here is my third battalion for the army of William III...

Jyske (Jutland)... Fynske (Funen) should be finished by next weekend!

January 20, 2012

Zealand (Sjaellandske)

I finished this last week, but have been remiss about taking photos...

My third battalion, Jutland or Jyske is nearly finished as well - hopefully I can add a few pics up this weekend.

Edit: This version of the Zealand uniform was not issued until 1691 so would be incorrect for the Boyne and Aughrim! The uniform would probably have been blue (about the same color as used for the facings on these models) with white facings.

For now, the unit will stand as is, but I may swap out the flags and replace it in the future. Many of the Jacobite units wore grey with various facings (and most are unknown) so at some point these lads will probably switch sides (not unlike what happened in the real campaign for Ireland).

January 7, 2012

Jutland (Jydske) WIP 01

Here is the start of my third regiment - Jutland (Jydske).

The officers of this lot seem to have been more serious and less taken toward ostentatious displays as they wear the same color uniform coat as their men (or maybe they just don't want to be such easy targets).

January 5, 2012

Zealand WIP 05

All done! It will probably be this weekend before I can get them based because I want to add a couple of scenic details.

Starting another unit this afternoon... Jutland, I think... very similar to these guys, grey coats but with red distinctives rather than blue and black cravats instead of white...

January 4, 2012

January 1, 2012

Quindia Studios 2012

So what's in store for Quindia Studios in 2012? As far a miniatures, my New Years resolution is to paint stuff from the Quindia Studios warehouse. I must have thousands unpainted models tucked away. While I'm not saying I won't buy anything new (perish the thought), I am saying I won't buy anything for a particular period until I finish units I have on hand for that period. So what are my plans for 2012? In no particular order...

1. Grand Alliance - 2012 is going to be the year of the Grand Alliance for me. I plan on painting up two armies of Warfare Miniatures over the coming year, focusing on the Boyne/Aughrim theater. My initial plan for the Williamite army includes four 'brigades' of two to four battalions each - Dutch, Danish, Huguenot, and Anglo-Irish. I'll add artillery and a small cavalry force as these become available from Warfare. My Jacobite army will only half as many infantry units and maybe a few light guns, but make up for that with lots of cavalry.

2. Napoleonic - It's been a while since I've done any work on this period, but I must have a dozen boxes of plastic Perry and Victrix models that I haven't even opened. Some things I'd like to paint this year include two boxes of Perry French Dragoons. I'd also like to add another unit of Spanish, converted from Victrix Revolutionary French. Finally I have a three gun battery of French Foot Artillery including limbers that I'd like to add to my painted cabinets.

3. Dark Ages - I recently bought the models to build a Norman warband for the SAGA game to face off against my Vikings. With all of the chainmail, they sould be fast to paint and I'll try to slip them in between other projects.

4. AWI - This was obviously a focus of mine last year and I hope to continue to add troops in 2012. I have enough models to build two more units of militia and two units of uniformed continentals. If I get around to painting these this year, I'll order enough models for a couple more continental units, a small force of dragoons, and a few canons to round out the American army. In the future I then look toward the troops of King George...

5. WW2 - I have a respectable force of 28mm Germans for skirmishing and maybe a squad of US Paratroopers painted and ready for action. I need some more Americans to get in a game and luckily for the purposes of my New Years resolution, I have enough to build a strong platoon. The only thing I would need to buy are a few support teams, but only after I knuckle down and paint the rankers!

6. ECW - I have a great collection for Parliament designed around William Waller's army at the Battle of Cropredy Bridge, but I only have a handful of units finished for the King's army. I do, however, have enough unpainted lead on hand to build another four or five battalions of foot and maybe six squadrons of horse. One of these days, I'll get around to painting them.

7. Darkest Africa - I have a large collection of models for this period as well. I have dozens of unpainted natives, more uniformed Askari, villainous looking Arabs, some colonial German regulars, and characters of all types.

8. Warhammer 40k - I have huge collections of models for this sci-fi game, and an equally large amount of unpainted stuff. My armies for the Imperium are Crimson Fist Space Marines and Death Korps of Krieg Imperial Guard. For the enemies of Mankind, I have Chaos Space Marines and Orks. A Warhammer army is never finished and I have lots of unpainted models for all of these armies - at some point in the year, I'm sure one of these will draw my attention again. I also have another small army of Space Marines that I've never photographed before that I'll roll out on the blog this year and a massive army of Tyranids of which I have painted all of three models...

9. Warhammer Fantasy - I started off 2011 with the intention of painting an army for this game and failed to paint more than a handful of miniatures. My brother has a 6000+ point Skaven army that he is dying to thrash me with and at some point I intend to get an army on the field. I have a decent amount of both Empire and Goblins tucked away and one of these armies should at least get some attention this year. I also want to paint another warband to face off against my Empire troops for Mordheim. More on that game in the coming year as well...

Whew. We'll see how this goes. I have the attention span of a four year old, but the great thing is that I should already have something for any time period that draws my eye (no I will not be collecting armies for the Crimean War). I'll add a separate post detailing the publishing projects I'll have a hand in for the coming year in a few days...

Again, I hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve and wish everyone all the best for 2012!