February 15, 2015


With the release of the new Harlequin army for 40k, I am planning on painting a small force to ally with my Imperial armies. I have yet to settle on a color scheme for the force, but I made a template to experiment with colors and thought others might find it useful when trying to work out their own Harlequins...

Feel free to modify these images and post them on your own site, but I'd appreciate a mention if you use them...

Arrr! Oldhammer Legacy Warband 2015

In an attempt to be more active in the Oldhammer community, I decided to join the 2015 Legacy Warband project from the Oldhammer forum.

How does this Legacy Warband thing work anyway? 
As a reminder, all contributors agree to paint and contribute one model to the pre-agreed theme (space pirates - see below). You paint the model and post it to your friendly neighbourhood organizer (axiom). All contributors are entered into a draw, and the winner out of the hat wins the warband for their collection. 

What's the time frame involved? 
Models to be with axiom by Saturday 28th November 2015, with the draw taking place in 1st week in December (with the ambition to have the warband with the winner by Christmas). The longer time frame is as per the 2014 project, conscious that several potential contributors were concerned about a shorter time frame and the ability to source, build and paint a suitable model. 

What models can I contribute? 
The theme is space pirates; suitable models might include human mercenaries, rogue space elves or orks with shoulder squigs and bionic peg-legs. Renegade Space Marines, deserters and ragged scum will also find a home here. Feel free to use a fantasy model and stick a lasgun or bionic claw on it...simply use your imagination and see what happens! The project is an Oldhammer project, but that doesn't mean you need to donate a vintage Citadel model - if you have something that looks right from a modern range or alternative manufacturer, then that's all well and good! 

How will this warband look coherent? 
Good question; by its nature, a rag-tag band of space corsairs will be varied and individualistic... in fact that's probably part of the appeal with this theme. We will agree on a relatively bright spot colour (vote here) which should be used on all models (hat, scarf, gun casing, boots, striped trousers etc) to show the allegiance of this disparate gang of scum. 

As for basing, the winner does the basing for the warband. This will ensure that a) the warband is coherently based and b) the warband fits into their own collection. 

How do I take part? 
This thread is where you formally stick your hand up and commit to participating. Simply reply to in the thread, stating what model you are likely to contribute (this can change at a later date), and axiom will amend the contributor list.

I had a quick sort through my models and came up with this Rogue Trader era scout - I actually have two of these buggers and it is such a distinct model that I wouldn't think of fielding them together in the small games I tend to play. It seems like a great starting point for my space pirate. It is my intention to replace one of the weapons with a cutlass. He's also going to have a sidekick modeled on the base at his feet - a monkey with a pirate hat from the Warhammer Fantasy Empire Handgunners box.

I have NEVER had six months to paint one model so I am going to have to figure out some outrageous level of detail to lavish on this guy! If you haven't joined in already, why not click over to the forum and give it a go?

February 6, 2015

US Airborne

Here's a pic of the whole army (minus the Sherman Tank)...

I still need to add some weathering to the armoured car, but I will do that stage the same time as the tank. Then all I need to do is paint a Panther for my Germans and I can actually get in a game of Bolt Action!

January 30, 2015

Follow Me!

Yeah, that's Rangers, but it seemed appropriate for the leaders.

Second Lieutenant


Forward Observer

In Bolt Action, an HQ selection may be accompanied by up to two additional models. I like the the additional protection for these important men, however, units of less than three models are -1 to be hit by shooting so it seems tactically better to stick with two.

January 23, 2015

Support Units for US Airborne

Ok, here is some heavy support for the infantry, two bazooka teams and a light mortar. Again, all Artizan Designs models...

Up next week will be the HQ units to lead the force!

January 16, 2015

More US Airborne

So here is my second squad of US Airborne...

Support troops are up next!

January 9, 2015

Bolt Action US Airborne

So as I mentioned last week, one of my goals for this year is to build a US force for Bolt Action. I have a pile of US Airborne models so I dumped 'em all out on the desk to see what I could put together. What I came up with...

Lieutenant + Guard
Forward Air Observer + Guard
Medic + Guard

Veteran Infantry Squad (12 models)
     SMG for NCO, Lt MG Team
Veteran Infantry Squad (12 models)
     SMG for NCO, Lt MG Team

Support Teams
Bazooka Team
Bazooka Team
Lt Mortar Team

Greyhound Armored Car
Sherman Tank

2 1/2 Ton Truck (x2)

Not sure how the points shake out because of the options available, but I'm not really worried about it - it looks similar to the starter armies from the Warlord website so I should be good. Infantry units can be 5-12 models, but I have opted for the full squads because I can always field less or combine them into different ways to get three or four smaller units if I decide that works out better tactically. I'll adjust things to make it work. I actually have THREE Sherman Tank kits (Christmas present) which means I can also look at building a Tank War list.

Anyway, so far I have managed to finish the first Infantry Squad!

More up next week...

January 7, 2015

Republic to Empire

Just a quick note to announce that Republic to Empire is now available in PDF form. As with BLB you can order hi-res and lo-res versions. What you choose depends on your preferred method of viewing. The lo-res version is designed for fast viewing on tablets and laptops. While you CAN print this version, the resolution won't be great. The high-res version looks great on tablets and PC's, especially on HD monitors, but may be slow to load. The hi-res version is designed to allow you to print sections (or the whole book if you want, though with ink prices these days it would probably be cheaper to order a book)! You order your copy in the League of Augsburg shop today!

'The superb presentation and wonderful pictures might lead the casual observer to believe that Republic to Empire is the equivalent of a coffee table book – a visual spectacle to be admired. And so they should be but there is far more than that! The rules are very well researched, clearly explained and most importantly, eminently playable. They are admirably suited to big battles but also to smaller games. Barry has introduced mechanisms designed to reduce the all seeing and instantly reactive abilities of the wargamer while rewarding initiative and forward thinking. This development really does help reflect the realities of the tactical battlefield of the time. Suffice it to say that this is NOT just another set of Napoleonic rules – it represents a real step forward in reflecting Napoleonic warfare on the wargame table' - Charles S. Grant