October 15, 2019

More Warcry!

Work has been crazy (stupid day job gets in the way of my hobby time), but I've slowly been adding warbands to my Warcry collection. Rather than spend all week posting in dribs and drabs, I decided to add all of them to date (no telling when I'll sit down to do another update).

The Unmade


Iron Golems

Untamed Beasts

I finished my terrain too (pic below is an early WiP.. you'll have to trust me) and hope to start a small solo campaign in the next few months. I'll try to chronicle everything here.

I'm painting some mercenaries and monsters to go with the collection and looking forward to the next book due out later this year. I also have the Corvus Cabal and a pile of Gloomspite Gitz to add more warbands. More soon (ish)!

September 23, 2019

The Groovy Ghoulies

Ok, I feel like I'm channeling my inner-Grove with the name (look it up) of my Nighthaunt warband, but this makes my second force for Warcry!

I used a Guardian of Souls to represent my Dreadwarden, Dravoch Blacksoul, who is condemned to endlessly chant the crimes he committed in life in a sibilant whisper. Other than that, the warband is WYSIWYG... three Grimghast Reapers, a Glaivewraith Stalker, and four Chainrasps.

They will be a perfect campaign opponent for The Shadow Haunters (my Unmade) who have the Hunters of the Dead background. I suppose I'll have to paint my graveyard terrain now...

My third Warband is almost done and I'll start my solo campaign shortly. I'll be adding more warbands as I go, but I want to start getting in some games!

September 17, 2019

The Unmade

Here's the rest of my first warband for Warcry..

I'll post my Nighthaunt Warband in a few days..

September 14, 2019


I know it's been a long time since I've posted. I've not been idle. In fact, I've painted more in the last few months than the rest of the year. I just haven't taken the time to take photographs or sit down to write about my projects.

Warcry is the new(ish) skirmish game from Games Workshop. The mechanics of the game are easy and fast. Possibly too simple if you are a fan of granular sets like Mordheim and Necromunda, but I've been enjoying narrative games more than crunchy ones these days. Despite the rules lite nature of the mechanics, there is still a good level of tactical choices during a battle. I'm not going to go into full review mode (there are plenty of those on the web), but I do like the game.

More than that, I LOVE the new models. My first warband is the Unmade..

These are just a few of the lads. I'm working on the terrain now and I'll post some more photos (no, really) when I can set up a proper table.

One of the things I didn't like about the game was that the cards for the models only include one of each type. When you have multiples of the same ganger, you add a numbered card below to track Ascended One I, Ascend One II, etc. The cards also featured photos of the studio versions of the model. This created a little bit of a disconnect for me as I wanted to name all of my fighters and I wanted the cards to be MY guys. Not a huge problem - I just made my own!

In addition to The Unmade, I have a ready painted Nighthaunt faction.. what? I've never posted my Nighthaunts? Hrm.. I'll add that to the list. I'll certainly feature my Warcry Nighthaunts soon. I'm hoping to get in some games as soon as all of the terrain is ready and I'll try to feature a battle report.

Hopefully the next post won't take so long!

June 4, 2019

Tyranid Army For Sale

I'm having a bit of a clean out and my Tyranid army is listed on e-Bay.. they've been in a box for well over two years and I decided to set them free (I expect the Inquisition to show up at my door any time now).

There are 86 models and it was 2300 points in 7th edition, but I've never calculated the cost in 8th. The paint scheme is easy to replicate so the army will be a snap reinforce. I'll supply a list of paints to the winning buyer.

May 8, 2019

The War of Three Kings Goes Digital!

Take the field and win the crown of England for your chosen liege Lord! Fight for King James and aided by your French allies, lead the Irish Army to victory against the usurper and his foreign horde. Support King William’s claim to the throne and captain an international army of English, Irish, Dutch, Danish and French Huguenot soldiers to wrest the crown from the hands of the tyrant!

The War of Three Kings offers the opportunity for games set between 1660-1721 to be played with simple yet elegant mechanisms which deliver a smooth playing experience, authentic period flavour and loads of fun.

The system covers pike and shot warfare in all western and central European theatres. This third edition of Beneath the Lily Banners (first released in 2009) has refined the game play allowing users to focus on enjoying the spectacle created by miniature gaming one of history’s most colourful periods!
QRS available free here...
A video walkthrough by Wargames Illustrated can be seen here...

April 27, 2019

Hmmm? Oh.. yes, I'm still here..

It has been a very long time since I've posted. In fact I haven't really painted anything since.. err.. last November! I don't ever remember sitting out of the hobby for that long. There have been other things going on in my life and it seems like when I've had free time, the painting desk just wasn't calling to me.

I've been working on artwork for Talon & Claw, the Great Northern War supplement for The War of Three Kings and the book is almost ready to send to the printer. There is something about this stage of a project that seems to linger and it always takes longer to wade through the final edits, but the end is definitely in sight!
I'm ready to turn my full attention to Donnybrook Dark, a kind of Gothic horror setting for our popular skirmish rules...

The Mourne Vale lies between the kingdoms of Scandavia and Rusland. This fell region is a land of brooding forests, lonely hills, and haunted ruins, but amid it's desolation lies treasures of a forgotten empire. 

The king of Scandavia is wedded to a Fey Queen (some claim ensorceled). The men of Scandavia do not practice magic, but have an alliance with the folk of the Queen and may call on creatures of the forest and darker places when called to war. 

The shadowed realm of Rusland is ruled by a dread necromancer. Warlocks and sorcerers march in the armies along side mortal soldiers and they may call on dark powers, marshaling spirits, undead, and other wicked creatures to their banners.

Getting into the spirit, I was moved to actually take a brush to something - a dryad, one of the handmaidens of the Fey Queen. This model is from Reaper Miniatures.

These Fey folk are tree spirits who guard the dark forests of Scandavia, but may sometimes accompany mortal expeditions into the Mourne Vale, often with agendas known only to the Fey Queen. Dryads come in many forms, but the most common often appear as nymphs.

Dryad (d8)

Charm: A dryad may attempt to charm a target within 6 inches. Both roll an Ability Die. If the dryad's score is higher, the target acts under control of the dryad for the rest of the game. If the score is a tie, the dryad controls the target for one turn. If the victim's score is higher, that model is immune to the dryad's charms for the rest of the game. A dryad may only control one victim at a time.

Tree-Stride: A dryad that starts it's turn within 3 inches of a tree or wood may move to within 3 inches of any other tree within line of sight instead of making a normal move.

Fey Blade: A dryad may manifest an enchanted blade which is an anathema to the unquiet spirits of Rusland, allowing them to sever the tenuous energy that binds the undead to this plane. These may be actual swords or knives or may take the form of hooked claws as the dryad prefers. They are as deadly as normal blades would be against mortal foes as well.

Options: Lesser dryads or wood sprites (d6) lack the Fey Blade ability but are often encountered in small groups. The dreaded treekin (d10) replace the Charm ability with Terror which causes all mortal enemies within 12 inches and line of sight to test morale.

Or something like that. I'm still writing and I'm not sure these are the final rules for this creature.

I have some good ole fashion cuirassiers on the table next, also for Donnybrook. I'm hoping to be a little more prolific with my painting so hopefully my next post won't be as long in coming...

November 3, 2018

'Ere We Go!

Life continues to be stupidly busy. I finished the Genestealer Cult Kill Team I previewed in my last post, but haven't had the time to take pics of them. I did manage to paint something new this week though...

The Orks have always been my favorite Warhammer 40k army. In the grimdark of the 40k universe, where everything is horrible for most sentient races, the orks cheerfully blast through the endless battlefields having the time of their lives. I've collected them since the days of Rogue Trader. It's weird there are only three posts on this blog about them.

The new codex for 8th edition orks just dropped today, though the 'net has been full of leaks and images so there isn't much that remained a surprise. Forums seemed to have mixed feelings on the book, with competitive players unhappy about this point value or that ability. I always find that terribly amusing, but then I'm not a tournament player. My armies are always composed of the models I wanted to paint rather than the best synergies and I prefer narrative games to competitive ones.

I love the new codex and the new models that were released (although I DID wish for a new Ork Weirdboy model... maybe one of these days). I haven't purchased the new Ork racing game, Speed Freeks, but I did buy one of the models from that game on eBay... the Shokkjump Dragsta!

The Shokkjump Dragsta, a racer that uses shokk-attack technology to project itself ahead of the competition. The thing basically has a chance to pull a Back to the Future 88-mph teleport... emphasis on chance, because it doesn't always work and the attempt could leave you in a bad spot on the battlefield, which seems like a very orky predicament. I picture the thing barreling toward a fortress wall, intending to jump inside, failing to activate the tech, and plowing into the wall (much to the wonderment of the defenders) while screaming Waaagh! all the way. Rule-wise, it always has grot gunners and a targeting squig, making it among the most accurate shooting model orks can have. Yes, please, I'll take two...

Anyway, I am in the middle of rehabbing some of my old models, rebasing the infantry (not mandatory, but the new GW models are on 32mm bases rather than 25mm and I like the way they look), and adding to the horde. I'll post pics as I get the chance.