October 31, 2014

South Carolina Militia

Whew! I managed to paint four infantry battalions in October! My infantry collection is up to three Continental battalions and five militia battalions, each of four stands. I can combine these is different ways to vary the number of battalions and size of the units depending on the rules and/or scenario. I think one of keys to maintaining my focus on one period for the last few months has been the variety of troops in the project. I don't think I could have painted as many models if they had all been in the same uniform.

I have some skirmishers, a couple of cannons, and a few more commanders planned for November and then I hope to start on the loyal subjects of King George! The plan for Brits are similarly varied with Highlanders, British Legion, Light Infantry, etc. Once I get enough units for Cowpens I might actually get in a game!

October 27, 2014

AWI Militia 01

This will be my fifth and final unit (for now) of American militia. The pose of these models made it hard to fit more than four on the stand so I'll cram six on the next one!