February 27, 2016

The Warband of Madcap Toddlekin

Right, so here is the motley crew with a second level Madcap Toddlekin. I established a base in the Inn of the Waltzing Werebear and that allowed me to increase the size of my warband by one model.

The aforementioned Master of the Seven Sounds and his Apprentice Kip Nine-Toes...

Captain Bornad the Archer and his dog, Rudy...

My Barbarian, Ulrich, and Thief, Raker...

My Crossbowmen, Dahar and Jenkins...

...and the thugs - Olaf the Stout, Hrothgar, and Knurl (all Reaper minis).

The fourth thug from my original warband named Sven was slain by an arrow to the throat! Dahar must miss the next game, recovering from an arrow wound of his own. We are playing the second round of our campaign tomorrow and I'll be interested to see if any of these guys survive!

I was chatting with my brother a few days ago and mentioned it would be neat if your henchmen could advance. Olaf survived two arrow wounds and managed to leg it off the table with a treasure. I added 'the Stout' to his entry on the character sheet after the game. He pointed out all I need to do is dismiss Olaf the Thug, add a shield to the model and hire Olaf the Man-at-Arms... instant advancement! I will be keeping that in mind as my warband develops. Obviously the game is all about the wizard, but the narrative surrounding the entire group is important to me as well.

I'll let you know how they do!


  1. A great band you have with some great characters. Nicely painted.

  2. Excellent warband. I'm going to use your beautiful warband sheet.