February 22, 2016

And Now For Something Completely Different...,

I stopped by my FLGS to fill in some gaps in my paint set and decided to stroll through and look at all the shiny stuff on the racks. For some reason I left the shop with this box - they were actually out of the paint I wanted and I couldn't very well leave without buying SOMETHING could I?

I have always loved the artwork, models, and creativity of this game. I have the first edition rulebook around somewhere, but I never bought any models for it. The starter set comes with two factions of four models, a Guild crew led by Dr. Stanley Grimwell and a Neverborn gang led by Angel Eyes (both pictured on the cover of the box above). I figured I could paint both crews in a few days and try out the game (can't try the game without painted models - ick) with little invested in the way of time or money.

The game comes with eight models, a 34-page rule booklet, two Fate decks (the engine of the game rather than dice), stat cards for the models, and two tape measures (nice touch). The booklet seems to be well designed as a teaching tool. The first few pages cover 'what is a tabletop skirmish game' for the uninitiated, walks through the box contents, and explains a few basic things like measuring, line of sight, etc. Then there are two pages that break down the stat card. After that you are ready to go! Rather than simply list all of the rules and then say 'Have at it', game concepts are introduced through short scenarios. The first scenario simply pits two minion types against each other that start one inch apart. The Fate Deck procedure and basic combat rules are covered while you play the fight. There are four more scenarios that introduce new models and new rules, gradually increasing the complexity until you are playing a full game in the end. Again, it seems like a neat idea and I'll let you know how it works after I've played through the series.

But first I need to paint my models. I decided to start with Dr Gimwell and his crew...

I picked up the 'Morgue' base inserts the same day. I felt they were appropriate for these models. The model was painted using mostly Wargame Foundry paints with a few GW washes.

I'll have more Malifaux minis all week!

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  1. Jealous. The sets on my to buy list been drooling forever and the last book they did made it so you can do a warband progression campaign.