February 17, 2016

Frostgrave en Français

My Wizard sheet for Frostgrave has proven very popular. At the request of Nicolas at Le Repaire de Gulix, I made a French version. Nicolas was kind enough to provide the translation terms as I did not trust an online tool to provide the correct terms in context!

Sorry, no form-fillable version of this, but if anyone familiar with Adobe Acrobat wants to tackle it, feel free to use these as the background to lay in the forms.


  1. Hey thanks ! Merci !
    As promise, I put a link to your blog : http://www.gulix.fr/blog/spip.php?article348

  2. Very cool. It reminds me of the old Fighting Fantasy character sheets (which I used to read in French as a child).

  3. Hi,
    thanks a lot for the frostgrave wizard sheet :-)