April 30, 2015

Dongan's Dragoons

Here's my second regiment of dismounted dragoons (posted a while back on the LoA blog, but thought I'd put it here for completeness)...

I realized while cleaning up that one of the little buggers is camera shy. There are actually ten models in this unit! Later this year Warfare will release mounted dragoons and horse holder sets and I will revisit both of my dragoon units to add mounted versions. I think I am going to mount them individually as well and just add squadron movement trays so I can use them for Donnybrook.

April 27, 2015

Cropredy Bridge, Parlimentarian Horse

Turning next to the horse, My Parlimentarian horse consists of seven squadrons of horse organized into three regiments and two squadrons of cuirassiers (Heselrigge's Lobsters). The unit featured in the foreground in the first two photos below is Colonel Jonas Vandruske's Regiment (with the man himself leading the way). The flag is fictional since I couldn't find any record of the standard that unit carried.

Massed Parlimentarian horse led by Vandruske's Regiment


Sir William Waller's Regiment

Sir William Waller's Regiment, Detail

Sir Arthur Heselrigge's Regiment (Cuirassiers)

Sir Arthur Heselrigge's Regiment (Cuirassiers), Detail

Sir Richard Norton's Regiment

Sir Richard Norton's Regiment, Detail
This is still the largest collection of cavalry (nine squadrons) I've ever painted for a single project. I'm hoping to equal that with my Jacobite army for the Boyne (1690) when I get around to painting them! Next week, dragoons and artillery...

April 24, 2015

Cropredy Bridge, Parlimentarian Foot

It's been a very long time since I looked at this army - unfortunately a lack of space in my mini cabinets means this army has been (carefully) packed away. Like all of my historical collections, when I started collecting models for the English Civil War, I chose a small battle on which to model my forces. The first army I chose was William Waller's army from the Battle at Cropredy Bridge, the core of which was made up of five battalions of foot.

William Waller

Col Samuel Joseph's Regiment

Col Ralph Weldon's Regiment

Kent Trained Band Regiment
Sir William Waller's Regiment

Sir Arthur Heselrigge's Regiment

Sir William leads his troops into battle!

Parlimentarian line of battle.
Next week I'll post shots of the horse...