November 27, 2010

Cover Progress

Coming along nicely... the banner is a place holder until Barry sends me a photo of the actual flag. I was just tired of looking at the white flag!

November 19, 2010

R2E Weekender in the USA

Barry Hilton has been running mini-conventions in the UK we've been calling 'weekenders'. These are two day affairs featuring huge tables, thousands of figures, and a chance to play Republic to Empire with the author. Last night Barry and I discussed the possibility of running these events in the USA, near my home in Chesapeake, VA. I'm wondering if the level of interest warrants him flying over to run the game. Chime in, either here or on the Fighting Talk forum, if you would be interested in attending such an event and if so, if you could supply troops for the event (not required)...

November 14, 2010

Seven Days of BLB2 Previews - Day 7

The new style of charts is based on one that I found while searching through period manuscripts.

That's it for now. I'll post more progress on the cover in the next few weeks and maybe some more of the artwork as time to publication gets closer.

November 13, 2010

Seven Days of BLB2 Previews - Day 6

We placed an emphasis on including more in the way of diagrams in this version to help sort out tricky mechanics...

November 9, 2010

Seven Days of BLB2 Previews - Day 2

Another page from the Game Preparation chapter, featuring just one of over a hundred brand new photos!

November 8, 2010

Seven Days of BLB2 Previews - Day 1

Been quiet here for a long time, but I've been hard at work on BLB2 and haven't done much in the way of painting. Over the next seven days, I'll be posting preview pics of finished pages so you can get an idea of the new format.

You can chime in here or over on the Fighting Talk forum to let us know what you think...