March 20, 2024

God Save the Queen!

Done! It took longer than I liked, but I finally finished the small starter army for the British in my Crimean War project. I'm hoping to get these lads on the table soon to throw some dice against their Russian foes, which I finished back in January.

This was a great diversion from other projects and only took about four months to complete both sides. No army is ever really finished and I already have a few more units to add; but I have the attention span of a goldfish and I've already waded into the next project - the American Civil War! More on that soon...

January 28, 2024

Making a Start on the British for 1854

With the initial goal met for my Russian army, it was time to turn to some opponents and I decided to start with the valiant sons of Great Britain.

My starter army goal is similar, but not identical to the Russians:

  • Three Units of Line Infantry (12 models each)
  • One Unit of Light Infantry (12 models)
  • Two Units of Cavalry (6 models each)
  • One Gun (1 gun plus 3 crew)
The Light Infantry will be rifles so I can paint something besides red coats. I'm undecided on the cavalry, but they will either both be heavy (Scots Greys and Inniskilling Dragoons) or light (Light Dragoons, Lancers, or Hussars). Great War Miniatures doesn't currently offer British Lancers or Hussars and I might need to get creative, plucking these from other theaters (the Carlist War BAL and British Intervention Force 1860) covered by Perry Miniatures. There might be a few inaccuracies, but I'm not terribly bothered by that for this collection. I am aware Wargames Foundry makes these, but they are tiny compared to the GWM range.

I really to want to add "brigades" (two units, possibly supported by a gun or detachment of light infantry) of guards, highlanders, French, and Ottomans. Of course I'll need to double the size of my Russian army as well, adding naval troopers, light cavalry, and more Cossacks! That's how these things go when megalomania sets in!

With these armies complete, I'll have enough to play a small game of A Gentleman's War or Neil Thomas's Wargaming Nineteenth Century Europe. I'll probably end up making my own - it occurs to me that Donnybrook would work with a little tinkering since the units are so small. I'm not planning on refighting any of the historical conflicts of the period and may explore alternate history narratives such as "what if the Austrian Empire had joined Russia?" to broaden the theater (and the collection).

More soon!

January 17, 2024

The Russian (Tiny) Horde

I've been steadily painting, but for some reason blogging is a chore right now and I can't seem to be bothered to post on a regular basis. The blog has become more of a personal hobby diary for me rather than "Look at what I'm doing!" Regardless, my starting Russian army for the Crimean War and A Gentleman's War is finished! It's remarkably satisfying to reach a set goal.

My initial goal was three units of 12 infantry, but I've decided I want the Russian units to be 16 models strong and have a couple more packs on the way (alternately, I will be able to field four units of 12).

Artillery is one of the strengths of the Russian army, so I decided to field two guns for this tiny army. I plan to add limbers soon, but for now I'm happy to deploy them reversed with the crew marching ahead to depict them on the move.

I've painted these dragoons as the 1st and 2nd squadron of the same regiment (distinctions on the hat trim). Russian cavalry units tried to have the same color horses throughout the regiment and I thought black would make a nice contrast to all of the brown and tan greatcoats.

You can't have a Crimean War Russian army without Cossacks! I'm going to definitely build more of these ruffians, but I only needed one for my initial goal. According to A. V. Viskovatov, the flags of the Don Cossacks were the same as the line cavalry. They bore the inscription "For the Deeds of the Don Host to pacify Hungary and Transylvania 1849." Several regiments may have had other slogans, but I'm keeping my flags as generic as possible.

This has been a fun project so far. I have the British mustered on the painting table and I'll post my plan for them and some initial photos soon!