March 20, 2024

God Save the Queen!

Done! It took longer than I liked, but I finally finished the small starter army for the British in my Crimean War project. I'm hoping to get these lads on the table soon to throw some dice against their Russian foes, which I finished back in January.

This was a great diversion from other projects and only took about four months to complete both sides. No army is ever really finished and I already have a few more units to add; but I have the attention span of a goldfish and I've already waded into the next project - the American Civil War! More on that soon...


  1. A neat starter force that would work for something like Sharp Practice 2. Have you a set of rules in mind. The look of these troops reminds me of the current debate about relaxing the rues on hairstyles and especially beards, in the contemporary Bristish Army. My own British from 20 years earlier don't have the freedom to indulge in facial fashion.
    Smartly done,

    1. I built these specifically for "A Gentleman's War." They would work with my "Doonybrook" set as well.

  2. Wonderful painting; and I love the photos.