October 22, 2017

The Old World Army Challenge

I've joined a painting challenge to complete a 1000 point Oldhammer army in six months, at a rate of 200 points per month (with one mulligan month in case sh!t happens). That seems a leisurely pace to me, but that's kind of the point. It's really easy to build up an army over time and we always have the option to paint more than 200 points. I haven't been painting much at all recently and I thought the challenge might be a way to gather a bit of inspiration.

With around 30 talented members of the Oldhammer community participating, we seem to have every 3rd and 4th edition Warhammer army covered and I'm looking forward to watching these armies grow. I'm painting a 3rd edition Slann army (really the only edition I've ever wanted a Slann army). There are very few examples of painted armies of these guys around these days. The models were hard to find even when they were new. The range was never really expanded either, with many troop types composed of a single model.

I started collecting Slann a year ago with a very lucky (and very expensive) find on eBay - the core of several units still in their original blisters! I've expanded the force through purchase of individual models here and there since then and continue to do so when these rare models appear. I only managed to paint ONE model since I started the collection so hopefully I can keep up with the challenge and end up with a new painted army in the process!

Anyway, you can follow our progress on a blog dedicated to the challenge. The painting kicks off November 1st and I'm looking forward to getting started!