January 19, 2011

Warfare Miniatures

Yesterday when I got home there was a parcel waiting for me from the UK containing 14 shiny new castings from Warfare Miniatures!

For those of you who follow the Fighting Talk Forum, this is not groundbreaking news, but I thought I'd show a few here. Taking photos of unpainted metal miniatures is not one of my strengths (turns out it is a different skill than photographing painted ones) so the lighting may not do them justice, but these are very nice models. These are true 28mm (from the sole of their boots to their eyes).

Left to right: Dixon, Warfare Miniatures, Front Rank, Foundry, Old Glory, and Reiver

Overall the anatomy on the figures I received are very good. An effort has been made toward realism so details like buttons, etc. are small, more along the lines of the Napoleonic Perry miniatures I've painted. I will be painting these next week and will post one or two samples, but these are destined for inclusion in the second edition of Beneath the Lily Banners so I can't show too many! You can see lots of samples painted by Barry Hilton in the League of Augsburg gallery.

One of the great things about this line is the variety that will be available:

First Release List
Likely end Jan - Mid Feb 2011.
Guide price £6.00 for pack of 5 models

1. Musketeers firing line
2. Musketeers at rest
3. Musketeers marching shouldered musket
4. Musketeers advancing fixed plug bayonet
5. Pikemen standing
6. Pikemen marching
8. Command standing
9. Command advancing
10. Grenadiers
11. Foot: Mixed poses 1
12. Foot: Mixed poses 2
13. Casualties

A total of 65 different poses in the first release. Sets 11 & 12 have a variety of officers, sergeants, pikemen and musketeers to fill gaps and add variety. Following the first release will be the artillery which will include guns, crew, and limbers and the third release will be the horse which should also include dragoons, both mounted and on foot.

On the subject of Beneath the Lily Banners, we are almost ready to send it to the printer. The layouts are finished with the exception of one chapter which is the sample game - weather in Scotland has conspired against us to delay the battle. All of the chapters are headed into a final round of editing. In addition to all of the eye candy you would normally expect from our books, there will be six pages featuring single models from more than seventy infantry battalions to serve as a uniform guide and five or six pages dedicated to painting models by the artists who turned them out (including me). We are painting the models for these pages now. I hope to wrap up the cover art this weekend. It never ceases to amaze me how much work goes into one of these books. It seems like we have have 'nearly finished' for months... stay tuned!


  1. These look nice! Will they be available from any source in the US?


  2. Yes, Ron... working on that now.

  3. By Gum any of those look better than the Front rank monster and the Warfare chaps do look the business.