December 2, 2010

For Sale (SOLD)

I have a pair of units painted for the Grand Alliance period for sale (raising a little extra money for Christmas). These battalions appeared in the first edition of Beneath the Lily Banners (page 47) and were bloodied at the Boyne at Historicon 2010. I've been hanging on to them for nostalgic reasons, but I have plans to build new armies for the period with a line of soon to be released minis (more news here when that project is ready).

French Orleans

French Champagne

The flags easily slide off of the poles so these units could represent dozens of different French or Dutch units from the period! The units are obviously based for Beneath the Lily Banners on 45x50mm stands. These photos aren't the best, but all of the models are painted to the level of this chap below...

Payment is via Paypal preferably and I will ship anywhere in the world at cost. Send me a note at for further details (and add a reply here to let me know so I can keep an eye in case my spam blocker defeats you).