June 13, 2013

The League of Augsburg

I want to announce a new blog that I am participating in... The League of Augsburg. Barry Hilton has kindly allowed me to use the name for this new effort which will be a joint project between myself, Barry Hilton, Dave O'Brien, Bob Talbot, Bob Miller, Adrian Howe, and Clibinarium. We will focus this blog on all aspects of the period covered by Beneath the Lily Banners and Donnybrook with articles on history, painting, wargaming, and news on all of our commercial projects. Besides providing articles, I designed the site (edited a template really) and will be editing the articles (a bit like herding cats).

I will still be continuing to post here, but my BLB projects will often be featured on both blogs to some degree. Stop by and join the site. If you'd like to participate, we will also be accepting articles from guests after we get rolling (keep an eye for the announcement there).

June 7, 2013

Donnybrook Cover Art

Thanks for your patience! Here is the full cover art...

As with all of my work, the painting is digital, done mostly in Adobe Photoshop, but it started the old fashioned way - with a pencil drawing!

There were lots of small changes along the way, but the end result was basically faithful to my original design and I'm happy with the way this piece turned out.

More on Donnybrook soon!