February 13, 2016

Frostgrave, The Wizard Sheet

Something I am always compelled to do when starting a new wargame or RPG is design my own character sheets. Here is the roster sheet for my wizard, Madcap Toddlekin!

The sheets were designed with oldschool RPGs in mind. They are also meant to be printed double-sided and folded in half like a pamphlet to minimize the space they will take up at the table. The Frostgrave logo has been used without permission and these sheets are in no way official.

Here is my brother's Wizard, Vall Paelias Aeridon. I edited the sheet to replace 'Apprentice' with 'Captain' for him, but I plan to use one of the regular 'Soldiers' slots for my Captain after I've conquered many foes and gathered enough loot to afford one.

We are planning our first foray into Felstad this weekend. I'll have a report on the battles and thoughts on the game next week.

Finally, here are blank sheets you can use for your own Frostgrave games if you'd like...

EDIT: At the request of Dalauppror (and several more folks on the Frostgrave Facebook page), I added the blank Captain sheet AND redesigned the main page to fit the Apprentice there. Now you have lots of options! I should have wrestled with the layout another day and I would have arrived at this solution on my own...

Finally, there is a link to a from-fillable PDF here... Enjoy!


  1. Replies
    1. Any chance of a second blank page 2 with the captain intead of the apprentist as in your brothers sheet?

      Thanks for the help!

    2. I'll add that to post above later today...

    3. Thnak you Clerence ! Perfect service :)

      Must say again indeed stunning design !

      Best regards Michael

    4. Great sheet, thanks for making it available!

  2. Hi, your Frostgrave sheet is amazing.
    I'm a french player. Any way I can edit it to make it with french terms ?
    My mail, in case : gulix33xp@yahoo.fr

    1. Hi, little bit later =) i think you sheet is amazing too. And im a german player. Therefore: Is there a chance that i can edit it for the german terms?
      My email: hikk7 @ gmx.ch (without the spaces in between). It would be amazing, if you still have them and i can get them =) Thanks in Advance! Hope you will reply. Greetings

  3. Great!

    I really like the olde Skhool look.


  4. Love it!
    Can't wait to use it for a new Warband!

  5. Hi, great job! Can you also make for Ghost Archipelago as well? Thanks!