December 19, 2012

Wargamer's ADD

Seriously - I have the attention span of a four year old. I sat down at my painting desk and had no room to work. It was covered with various models, projects, paint pots, tools, and notebooks. I resolved to the clean the place up and get a fresh start for 2013 and am absolutely flabbergasted by the sheer number of manufacturers and periods represented.

Warfare Miniatures
I have a battalion of foot destined to be Nassau-Saarbruken-Ottweiler, half of which are painted - I'm going to make an effort to finish this unit before the end of the year. In addition there are four pikemen to add to Hamner's regiment, four or five artillery crewmen, a dozen grenadiers I'm going to paint as a unit of converged Dutch, several mounted officers, an aide on foot, and King William III. All of these have stayed on the table after the clean up...

Games Workshop
Mostly left over models and bits from my A Tale of One Gamer series, I have a pair of painted Zoanthropes (see them at the end of the month when the series wraps up), two tyranids still on the sprues, a half assembled Trygon, and various loose bits including three Forge World Spore Chimneys (out of production). There is also a squad of Space Marine Terminators assembled for my Red Scorpions. More 40k models include a Space Marine painted to test a color scheme for a new army I plan to build next year, an Imperial Pilot from the old Battle for Macragge set, and a rare mounted Commisar for the Death Korps of Krieg.

For Warhammer Fantasy I have a Bretonnian warband for Mordheim to fight my Empire warband, three River Trolls (no idea why other than the models are really cool and I wanted to paint them), and the Empire General on a griffon that I featured on this blog almost two years (I think he's been on the desk since that post). Finally there is a Empire Witch Hunter I bought to check out the finecast line when it was brand new (pricy, but very nice, BTW).

I also have 36 goblins and the goblin scribe from the Escape from Goblin Town set based on the new Hobbit movie.

Wargames Foundry
Two battalions of WSS models painted as French that I intend to put up for sale to get them off of the desk!

I have an early French artillery crew than I plan to paint as Spanish to add another gun to my battery.

Claymore Castings
I really intend on building some small forces with these models, but so far I've only managed to paint four. Besides these four, I have another twenty of these excellent models crowded around them.

Renegade Miniatures
There are four ECW models painted as Jamestown militia for a skirmish project I am toying with.

Artizan Miniatures
I have a WW2 German mortar team and a single model carrying a panzerfaust to finish off a force for my Sturmgeschutz and Sorcery project.

Otherworld Miniatures
There is a giant scorpion for the fantasy force for the game above, plus a handful of goblins and kobolds and an expedition mule laden with adventuring supplies.

Reaper Miniatures
A massive Fire Giant towers over a handful of NPC types.

Ral Partha
A company of twelve Battletech mechs, long out of production. Half of them  are painted and the other half are undercoated. I have dozens of these old models. My friends want to set up a campaign so hopefully next year I'll get some more of these painted.

Whew... much of this has been packed away and I now have room to work again!


  1. Wow, and I though my project/messy workspace list was bad!

  2. It sounds like my desk with ACW, FIW, ECW, SYW, Pyrrhic, Samurai, AWI, WWII all competing for my attention so your not alone!


  3. What Axebreaker said. At the moment I have British Sailors, ECW Dragoons, spaceships and palm trees all waiting just to be finished based, with additional stuff set for painting, primed or half done. So much to paint, so little time and will some days!

  4. I thought my desk was bad, afraid you guys get the winners medals here today!