May 27, 2024

For Ireland and King James!

We are happy to announce that pre-orders are open for our latest book, For Ireland and King James!

From the back cover:

It is time to give the Irish army which fought against Willem van Oranje between 1689 and 1691, the attention it has long been denied. For nearly three years it campaigned without proper resources and funding. Its opponents were in the main, professionals from all over Europe. 

Against a backdrop of enormous political and social upheaval it continued to fight for King James II/VII whilst being constantly weakened by factionalism and cynical manipulation from Versailles.

This book is a guide to the infantry regiments which fought in the final campaign during the summer of 1691 culminating in the Battle of Aughrim and the second siege of Limerick. It provides invaluable insight into the provenance, officers and history of each formation. It is lavishly illustrated by Clarence Harrison and provides inspiration for wargamers to recreate the campaigns fought in Ireland on the tabletop.

Hardcover, 88 pages, 32 color plates and two maps.

Pre-order now! Shipping in late July/early August!

League of Augsburg Shop (for most of the world)

Warfare Miniatures USA (for, well... the USA)

This was a huge project and we are proud of the results. You can grab a preview PDF here!

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