July 19, 2012

Warfare Miniatures Horse

Barry is ready to start accepting pre-orders for the first wave of Warfare Miniatures horse! As he is currently exploring Asia and the Middle East, proper pages in the Shop will not be available yet, but you can send him an e-mail to ensure you are among the first to receive these new models.

Those who are interested in pre-ordering and complete an email request before July 31st to wordtwister@hotmail.co.uk stating quantities of each code you want to pre-order will get priority shipping and will receive the new William of Orange and Patrick Sarsfield models as part of you order FREE

No need to pay at this point just put the request in for order quantity. A paypal payment at some point before the 31st July. Shipping should be by the second week in August at the latest but hopefully before that. If you want to have a look at the cavalry you can see more examples in the LoA Gallery.


  • WLOAH1: 3 Troopers with blanket roll / pistol and sword arm options/Standing Horse
  • WLOAH 2: 3 Troopers with blanket roll/ pistol and sword arm options/Cantering Horse
  • WLOAH 3: Command/Standing Horse
  • WLOAH 4: Command/Cantering Horse
  • WLOAH 5: 3 Enthusiastic troopers on galloping Horses (one pictured above)
Notes: There are 4 different enthusiastic troopers but each pack will contain 3 different options from the 4. Three of these codes have seperate arms. Some of the arms from codes WLOAH1 & WLOAH2 also fit the enthusiastic troopers. Command options will be available shortly to support the enthusiastic codes.

Pack price per cavalry code of 3 riders is: £8.50