October 27, 2019

Blackstone Fortress - Part Two

On to the Servants of the Emperor!

Janus Draik
Janus Draik is a Rogue Trader – one of the bold pioneers tasked with expanding the borders of the Imperium. The Blackstone Fortress is one in a long line of claims this explorer has made for the Imperium – and a source of invaluable archeotech and artefacts for future ventures.

Espern Locarno
The Blackstone Fortress is filled with treasures of ages past – and the Navigator Houses are interested in getting ahold of some of these. Espern Locarno is a sanctioned mutant tasked with rediscovering cargos which belong to his house by ancient right – as well as technologies to refine the ill-understood processes of warp travel.

I really enjoyed painting these models, especially the Navigator - more stalwart defenders of Mankind in the next post!

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