October 24, 2019

Blackstone Fortress - Part One

After watching a few games of Blackstone Fortress on Warhammer TV, I really fell in love with the game. While not expressly Oldhammer/Rogue Trader, the revival of the Warhammer Quest style game and the characterful models pulled me in.

Over the next few weeks I'll be showing off my progress getting the set painted and then hope to coax a campaign out of my friends. Failing that, it is a perfect game for solo play as the dungeons and baddies are all randomly generated and controlled!

I decided to start with the heroes (naturally). Although there are a pile of Imperial characters, I choose to start with the xenos because they are rare in my 40k collection if they aren't green and crying. 'Waaaagh!!'

Amallyn Shadowguide
Hailing originally from the now-shattered Craftworld of Biel-Tan, Amallyn Shadowguide has travelled the webway for centuries. For her, the Blackstone Fortress represents a possible way to save her dying home and to make Biel-Tan whole again through the strange technologies within.

Dahyak Grekh
Like many Kroot, Dahyak Grekh is a mercenary, working for the highest bidder. The Kroot mercenary code of honour is key to him – for it is through loyal service that the Kroot may consume new genetic material. Through eating many unfortunate inhabitants of the fortress and thus assuming their memories, Grekh has learned much of the mysteries in the Blackstone Fortress...

Rein & Raus
Little is known about Rein & Raus. Their wargear would suggest that these sanctioned abhumans once fought with the Astra Militarum, but now they live as renegades. Both are consummate thieves – to them, the Blackstone Fortress represents profit and little else.

Right! That's it for sneaky xenos.. we'll have a few shining heroes of the Imperium up in a few days time...

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