June 4, 2015

Boromite Lavamites

... and the last unit from the Starter Army...

I'm thinking I need more of these ugly brutes to make them effective. Close combat in Beyond the Gates of Antares can be brutal because the phase starts with both sides pouring missile fire at each other at point blank range AND fighting a round of melee. I have yet to play an actual game, but I've run some simulations on paper and even the victor of such an encounter can suffer horribly. However, I think one of the keys to close combat lies in burying your target in Pin Markers before charging. Pin Makers give a -1 penalty to shooting per marker, making it more likely to survive the point blank shooting. Pin Markers have no effect on the melee portion of the phase, but if can avoid casualties on the way in and whittle down the opposition before making contact, you have an obvious advantage of coming out on top!

Anyway, I think they need more models to survive the approach and carry a charge home.

I'll try to make time soon to set up the entire army for a triumphant group shot!

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