January 17, 2014

Captain Marko Steelknife

When starting a new project I normally dive in with the rank and file, but heroes are the focus of LotR Battle Companies so I thought I'd start with my Captain of Arnor, Marko Steelknife.

I used Citadel paints and shades - I'll post a full list if anyone is interested when I put up the warriors. The mud on the cloak and boots was done with Doc O'Brien's Weathering Powders, first Dirty Brown and then Gritty Yellow. I've found these powders are easier to control than dry brushing these effects with paint. I sprayed the model with matte varnish to seal in the powders and finally touched up all of the metal with gloss varnish.

Next up... Warriors of Arnor!


  1. I agree, nicely done! The weathering on the armor and cloak is top notch.

  2. Very nice - i much prefer weathering powders for mud effects. I did use them on my 28mm chindits though not with the stunning effect you have achieved.

  3. Nice - Arnor/Angmar thing is my favourite 'period' from lotr so will be following your progress with this one with interest Clarence