March 8, 2013

Red Scorpions Snipers

In the Kill Team event last week, my Plague Marines were nearly annihilated in two turns by a combination of Space Marine scouts armed with sniper rifles and a missile launcher - this after weathering a storm of heavy bolter fire and Tau pulse weapons without flinching. My brother has been after me to use this combo for a decade, so this week I finally painted up a small squad to add to my Red Scorpions army.

The camo cloaks sport the chapter approved scheme used during the Angstrom Incident during the Badab War. These are the first of many new models I plan to add to my Red Scorpions this year...


  1. Very nice Clarence. I really like the colors you used.

  2. Excellent work, particularily like the cloaks

  3. "Fortitude and Contempt: Models with Chapter Tactics
    (Red Scorpions) may re-roll all failed Pinning tests, but cannot
    voluntarily Go to Ground and cannot be equipped with camo


    1. These are camo cloaks in the traditional sense, i.e. camouflaged cloth, not the actual wargear that nets them any benefit in the game. During the Badab War the Red Scorpions DID don the camo pattern on their power armour (though I don't know what that would have blended into).