March 2, 2013

Kill Team

Tomorrow I am heading to my local Games Workshop store to participate in a 200pt Kill Team tournament. It will be eight rounds of Warhammer 40k on brutally small 4x3' battlefields which are sure to maximize carnage! I have NEVER played in a tournament and I am normally not very good at making competitive lists because I normally collect models I want to paint without much regard for their stat line. I really am just going for the fun of it anyway. My brother and two of my oldest friends are also going so I am looking forward to possibly getting the chance to line up against them.

My brother Dennis is bringing Chaos Daemons based around Khorne and will be using the brand new codex (out today). Jim is bringing Imperial Guard. The last time he played Kill Team it was with a Veteran Squad outfitted with a Chimera, but he may run a different list. Tom is going to borrow a tactical squad of Red Scorpions from me as his Space Wolves won't be ready by tomorrow. I have a myriad of armies to choose from - Red Scorpions Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines, Orks, Death Korps of Krieg, and Tryanids! It seems like close combat armies will have an advantage on the small tables, though a shooty force could do a lot of damage if they win the first move.

With all of the choices available I have gone back a forth a dozen times, but I think I have settled on a small squad of Plague Marines drawn from this unit...

I am fielding a squad of seven models (and no Rhino). With a Toughness of 5, Armour Save 3+, and Feel No Pain, they will be hard to bring down! I can only field seven models but they will pack a punch in shooting and close combat and will absorb an enormous amount of punishment.

I plan to take my camera so I'll have plenty of pictures and report on the outcome (including if I chanced my mind on my force again) next week.

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