April 4, 2012

Claymore Castings

Claymore Castings is a new miniature company formed by David Imrie and Andrew Taylor. Both have been figure painters, collectors, and gamers for a number of years. The first range of models, Medieval Scots, are available now at claymorecastings.co.uk, with Border/English longbowmen in development.

The figures have been sculpted by Paul Hicks and they offer great flags and transfers designed by Flags of War. Head over to the Claymore site see see the full range and look for an ad soon in Wargames Illustrated (designed by yours truly) with more.

I have a full set of the initial release, mostly Scot spearmen plus a command pack, and it was my intention to post a review with my fully painted collection, but I've decided I want to paint them with my new Games Workshop set so I'll be holding off yet for a week or two. I will say the models are fantastic and I'll post pics of mine soon.


  1. I've got to agree with you Clarence. David sent some samples a few weeks ago and they are beautifully sculpted, lovely dynamic poses with alomst no flash. Basically a joy to paint!

    The spearmen look like they mean business as does the cammand pack. The archers also look like they know their trade and are in such good poses that it's possible to imagine "nock...... draw...... loose!"

    Fab stuff from one who's known to be very pciky about their Late Medieval miniatures!



  2. Interesting you point out that Paul Hicks is the sculptor Clarrie, as he did the Polish Napoleonic figures I just posted on my blog. They are some of the nicest I've seen for a while so I'm sure his work for Claymore would guarantee very high quality figures (the association of Imrie and Taylor wouldn't hurt either!)