April 1, 2012

Citadel Paint Bundle

Yes - I'm nuts. Despite having hundreds of paints from Foundry, Games Workshop, and Vallejo, I just pre-ordered the mammoth new Games Workshop set. This monster comes with 145 paints and takes one of my three favored brands to a whole new level. I've been using the Foundation series quite a lot, as even the yellows and reds can be painted straight over black, maintaining a high degree of opacity even when thinned. They also make my favorite washes because they dry matte. There are now seven different types of paint - Base Paints, Shades, Dry Compounds, Layer Paints, Glazes, Textures and Technical paints...

Citadel Base Paints 
There are 34 Base Paints. Their high concentration of pigment makes them perfect for coating your miniatures, even over a black undercoat. These replace the Foundation Paints I mentioned above.

Citadel Shades 
Shades are for adding depth to your models, to create areas of darker color, define details, and accentuate recesses. These are the new range of washes, and again will dry matte.

Citadel Dry Compounds 
Drybrushing is one of the first painting techniques that many painters learn; it's an exceedingly handy way of picking out the details on a model, or applying highlights quickly and easily. There are 15 different shades. The Dry Compounds aren't like your traditional paints - they're, well... they're pretty dry. They look kind of lumpy, but the result should be a smoother drybrushing effect and easier to achieve to boot.

Citadel Layer Paints 
There are 70 Layer Paints. Everything from red and yellow to gold and silver are a part of the Layer range. To give you an idea of the scale of it all, there are 12 different greens, including everything from a vibrant turquoise to a putrid yellowy green. Essentially the Layer paints are the main colors of your model.

Citadel Glazes 
There are four Glazes in the new paint range - yellow, red, green and blue. Their role is to intensify color, to make an area of a miniature really stand out. On initial examination they look a lot like Shades, but they actually act very differently, and apply themselves evenly over a miniature, giving it a new hue. They are also perfect for restoring color to an area that you might have over-highlighted.

Citadel Texture Paints 
Unlike Layers and Base Paints they contain a mixture of paint and fine grit, which can be used to texture the bases of your miniatures. Even better, there are six different colors, so you can paint your bases to look sandy, dusty, snowy, muddy, or swampy straight out of the pot. I have my own basing techniques, but I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of weathering effects I can achieve with this.

Citadel Technical Paints 
Liquid Green Stuff (really cool stuff - if you haven't tried this I highly recommend it), gloss varnish, a clear matte medium for thinning the Layer Paints, and a black primer.

You can see more on all of these paints here:

I'll certainly have more details when the set comes out, but after reading about them I knew I had to have these new tools in my paint arsenal. No matter what you may think of Games Workshop rules, they have always made fantastic paints and the new range, with expanded colors and tricks, looks to be no exception.


  1. Clarence, you may indeed be nuts! However, before the men-in-the-white-coats arrive, please tell us what you make of the paint bundle. Good luck!

  2. I can see the bug white bus coming, good luck with 'em Clarence. Interesting to hear what you think of having so many shades of paint, I have a overly large-ish reaper paint collection so I wont say anything.....yet.


  3. Ah, ye Gods, I've been trying to avoid seeing these paints as one quick look at my studio would indicate that I'm a bit of a paint nut!

    So, there we have it, I'll be joining your good self as the proud owner of the Citadel Paints Bundle soon too....... and so dangerously close to Salute too :O)


  4. I hope GW give you a discount for advertising their product so sucessfully for them? but knowing the miserable scroats, probably not.

    1. No, Dave - mine is simply a labor of love!

    2. Clarence, please let us all know what you think about these paints. I'm particularly interested in the "Dry" paints. At £330 for the full set, I'm afraid I'll have to pick and choose!

  5. I must say that does look tempting.