August 5, 2010

Last Thoughts on Historicon 2010

Obviously I had a great time. I've read lots of things on the net about AC problems, noisy rooms, and overpriced food. I've never been to a convention of this size so I don't have a great frame of reference. I wore jeans for most of the convention so apparently I didn't notice a problem with the AC. Things were a little loud in the main hall on Saturday - Barry and I talked about loosing our voices that evening, but to me it just led to the excitement in the hall. The food in the game hall and hotel was expensive compared to the chain stores around it, but for me this was a vacation and I simply enjoyed the entire experience. Being able to walk from my room to the game hall and then to the bar was fantastic.

It was a very busy weekend. Six games in four days, plus setting up and breaking down every time, and carting it all back to the rooms. Barry had three talks and a fourth as a member of panel discussion on the transition from pike to bayonet. I attended all of his talks (I am now an expert on the Grand Alliance period). We had precious little time to see the rest of the convention, but that was ok since we met plenty of people around our table and from a marketing standpoint introduced a lot of US gamers to our rules.

It was great meeting Barry and getting some time to just hang out. We got to have a few drinks, talk wargames, hash out some plans for future projects, and watch the World Cup (first entire match I've ever sat through). We have talked about doing it all again next year -should make a decision on this pretty soon and of course I'll post the news here.

So what's coming up next? I'm going to be working heavily the second edition of Beneath the Lily Banners for the next few months and I'll post previews when they are available. I have several new wargame projects planned and I'll be incorporating details as I get farther along, including articles on collecting forces, painting, and building terrain. If anyone has something they'd like to see here, drop me a note and I'll try to make sure to work it in if I can.

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