August 19, 2010

Cover Art for BLB2

Apologies for the lack of posts this week. I've been putting a lot of work into the second edition of Beneath the Lily Banners. These books were sold out last year and rather than simply reprinting them, we decided to produce an updated version. This book will be twice the length of the first with updated rules, more examples, all new photographs, and a new cover!

All of my paintings are done digitally using programs like Photoshop and Corel Painter. However, they all start out with pencil on paper...

After I have a composition I like, I redraw the image to fill in the details and get a clean outline.

I scan this image into the computer and start 'painting'. I normally start by painting the background. The next step is 'blocking in' to establish local colors which is a lot like painting base colors on miniatures. In this instance, I also started working on the foreground as well to start building the effect of thundering hooves churning through the snow!

So that's where it is so far. I'm splitting time between working on this piece, the graphics for the interior, and the layouts. I'm still painting ACW troops and I'll have more on that project soon.


  1. An excellent cover, very dynamic. And finally no taking sides with a certain faction (says he who is French by heart). ;-)
    Looking forward to the updated rules - hopefully complemented by new miniatures from Copplestone.


  2. Actually complimented by a brand new range... watch this space!

  3. Its great to see a graphic artist use trad methods of composition and manual skills. Its true artwork in my opinion. I also use CorelDraw (and Corel PhotoPaint more than Photoshop) as well and mighty fine graphic tools they are too BUT as fine as digital art can be, there's no substitute for fine art skills. Its a joy to see you go through these drafting stages (before scanning in the image to add the finishing touches digitally?)

    Its been so long I'd almost forgotten how much I used to enjoy doing cover art! So, thanks Clarrie - I'll look forward to seeing more postings of your fine work. For me its as good as your superb figure painting and terrain making!