April 10, 2021

A Few New Flags for 1815

Napoleonics was my first love in wargaming before falling down the rabbit hole that led to the period of floppy hats and tricorns. While I've mostly concentrated on adding flags to the shops that can be carried proudly by Warfare Miniatures, I've had it in mind to expand to other periods. There's been a lull in Mad for War for the last few weeks while we've been going over the manuscript again in light of lessons learned knocking Mad for War Essentials into shape (don't worry, we're still on pace for late spring/early summer). It's not in my nature to be idle so I decided to wade into the future (of the BLB period, that is) and produce a few new flag sheets...

Well, ok... my OCD kicked in and I ended up with over 120 units - the entire French army for Waterloo (suitable, of course for any part of the 100 days campaign)! They are divided into divisions, which is how I normally set out collecting an army. Regiments were only issued one eagle in 1815 and this was carried by the first battalion. Opinions seem divide as to whether or not the infantry flags had fringe, but I decided to include it. If you fall into the camp of "without", it is easy enough to trim them off when you cut out the flag!

These will be available at Warfare Miniatures USA (in the US and Canada) and the League of Augsburg store (for the rest of the planet), though it may be a couple of days before they are posted...

Right! I'll have more flags for 1815 later this year. There are also a pile of naval flags (for both 28mm and 1/1200), WSS, and whatever I manage to find time for on the way!


  1. During the first empire three models of flags will adorn the imperial eagles. The first in 1804, the second in 1812 and finally the third in 1815. These three flags have the same dimensions fixed by the decree 21 Messidor year XII (July 10, 1804) 80 x 80 cm.
    The cavalry carry standards of 60 x 80 cm or guidons (for dragons and chasseurs à cheval) of the same size.

    In 1804 each battalion received one flag per battalion entrusted to a sergeant-major. From 1812 the regiments have only one emblem per regiment. The standart-bearer is a subaltern officer (lieutenant or second lieutenant)called "1° porte-aigle".

    During the empire the flags were much smaller than those of their adversaries: British, Austrians, Spaniards, Portuguese, Prussians or Russians.
    Your flag is beautiful, but I am afraid it is not at the right scale. On the other hand, the figurine should wear the epaulet on the left shoulder and the counter epaulette on the right shoulder as well as the gorget.

    1. Thanks, but I am well aware of the actual dimensions - the flags are available at any scale you choose. I prefer over-sized flags in my wargame units.

    2. ..this is why I don't play Napoleonics.. Great work Clarence. :)

  2. I'll have them up on the League of Augsburg site very soon too. Brialliant job Clarence!