March 15, 2014

Imperial Knight - Part Four

Roughed 'im up a bit...

Basically, I used my base armor colors to chew up the decals...

Then I used Mournfang Brown to paint small chips and cracks in the plates and gave each an small highlight at the bottom of the damage (using the same edge highlights I used in part three). It looks a little crude when view at ten times the actual scale, but technique is very effective when seen on the model.

I need to refine a few areas and add some minor damage to the pristine silver trim, but it's coming along...


  1. Those edge highlights really does the trick. Inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks, guys!

    Dave, when are we going to see a knight from you?

  3. Looks amazing i will be happy if mine come out at even 10% of that.