January 4, 2013

Danish Horse in Ireland 1690

There were three regiments of Danish horse in William III's army in Ireland. However, these regiments were only about half the size of the Dutch and English in the same theater. For the purposes of my collection and Beneath the Lily Banners I will be fielding each as a single six-model unit.

The regiments were raised from existing Danish units and provided new uniforms. Dan Schorr provided me with the following information regarding these:

Juel's Regiment - Schomberg in a letter to William III in March 1690 noted that “the horse I see are white lined white and buff waistcoats.” The white color was probably the light grey referred to as steel grey. The first unit to arrive was Juel's Regiment in March 1690. The other two were delayed. Therefore, it is safe to say that Juel's Regiment wore grey faced grey.

Sehested's Regiment - A camp roster for the Allied Camp in July 1696 shows the coat and facing colour of units. The Danish cavalry regiment von See (earlier Sehested's) shows the unit with white faced blue. Again, the white color is most probably a steel grey.

Donop's Regiment - The most questionable coat and facing color is that related to Donop's Regiment, but based on the color of the standards issued (available from the LoA store), it is probably grey faced red.

It is likely that the regiments were equipped with breast plates and this gives me the chance to use the new Warfare Miniatures Cuirassiers, of which coincidentally I just received three squadrons!  The Danish horse would also be classed as 'Bullet Horse' in BLB, meaning they are trained to advance at a slow trot almost to contact at which point they would discharge pistols before closing with swords, so I will be modeling them with pistols rather than swords.

I will be posting WIP pics as I finish each stand and my goal is to paint all three squadrons by the end of the month. I am going to try and exclusively use my Citadel paints for the project. I still love my Foundry paints, but may have grown a little complacent with color combinations. My palette seems to include the same jars with one or two exceptions for each unit. In addition to posting pics, I'll list the paint combos I use and any problems I run into. Juel's Regiment is up first...

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