May 2, 2010

Spanish Artillery

Well, sort of... like my Spanish infantry battalions, these worthies are barely converted revolutionary French models. While the infantry are plastic Victrix, these models are from Eureka. I cannot recommend these models enough! They are well proportioned, finely detailed, and a joy to paint. These models have me studying the early war period for a conflict I can base a small collection on!

My scenario for Historicon will see these Iberian heroes holding a small hermitage on a hill, supporting two Spanish infantry battalions, trying to stop the French from crossing the Tagus river. The Light Brigade is marching to the sound of guns, but the Spanish will need to slow down the enemy advance to give the allies a chance!

Information on Spanish uniforms is always iffy at best around 1810 so I settled on the 'official' uniform from a few years earlier for the color scheme. For the gun, my research said the colors were light blue, gray, 'stained' wood, and dark gray so I settled on a nice blue-gray and added a little weathering (now it's kind of all four colors).

The game boards are progressing slowly, but I should have a new installment coming up in a few days...


  1. Stunning work. I see you've chosen not to base the guns. That allows the figures to get up close to the gun - looks good. Regards, Dean

  2. Hi
    A great job. According to Bueno (the best source for information about Spanish napoleonic uniforms) in 1810 the shako was introduced as well as blue pantalons. If you contact me, I can e-mail you some plates.

    Best regards

  3. Beautiful figures & from a good Aussie manufacturer! As usual a great paint job. They really look like they mean business! Spanish artillery usually died by their guns - perhaps deserving an extra point for 'toughness' and looking so good? ;-)


  4. Dean, I leave my guns unbased so I an field them deployed and limbered. There are pics of my British horse artillery in REPUBLIC TO EMPIRE in both modes. For Historicon, these guns will be deployed in a stationary position so I won't need the limbers. I'll paint up a set later but for the next two months, I'm painting only the necessities!

    Rafa, I know there were a wide range of uniforms employed by the Spanish. The Osprey series tags the bicorne as the official headgear for artillery from 1808 to 1811, but other illos showed units in 'top hats'. Osprey also mentioned that white uniforms were allowed in 'warm climates'. With so many allowed variations and conflicting source material, I figured I'd be ok... especially since the models are French and will never really be right!

  5. I LOVE those Spanish. I was thinking about doing the same thing and now I must. I'll order from Eureka immediately. Thank you. Great looking stuff.