January 31, 2013

THE Williamite

I modeled King William III depicted in the fighting around Donore graveyard in the closing hours of the Battle of the Boyne. This fantastic Warfare Miniature presents a stark contrast to that of King James II and represents the different manner of leadership they employed. King William III is accompanied by a trooper from Wolseley's Enniskillen regiment.

The base was constructed from a piece of pink insulation foam, sculpted with a hobby knife to resemble stone and textured in the same manner as my bases. I attached the models with a hot glue gun because superglue melts the foam. The fences are bits of off-cuts left over from basing one of my Danish Horse regiments last week.

More Glorious Revolution models coming up - Dutch Grenadiers, two squadrons of Schomberg's Horse, and Duke Schomberg himself!


  1. Stunning work !

    Best regards Michael

  2. Wonderful painting and modeling Clarence! I wonder if William would look better on the stand by himself though -- somehow the other rider looks a little out of sync with the William figure. I can't quite put my finger on the why though. That said, it is a stunning piece of craftsmanship..


    1. Thanks, Jim!

      I think what bugs you is the same thing I had a problem with when designing the vignette. I normally try to have the models interacting with each other. The trooper seems to be charging away from the king. In the case, King William III is looking to his left, which would have meant placing the second model on that side which would have obstructed his majesty. In the end though I am satisfied with the placement after reading the account at the graveyard again. There was chaos in the melee and units became fragmented, dashing hither and yon. Command and control became a great problem and allowed Tyrconnel to salvage some of his force.

      Also as a practical matter, I base my brigade commanders as single models and use multi-model stands to mark out the big men! It was a challenge to create the composition so I understand your remarks because I struggled with it too!

    2. You're right Clarrie - the horses are beautifully matched and positioned on a superbly done little mound base - its just the pose of William himself looking the other way which gives it a bit of a disconnect. Its a pity the pose spoils the otherwise perfect design symmetry. That said, its a stunning command stand. I'm all for making little vignettes for the army commanders - and I love William's grey!


  3. You did that good Soldier!

  4. Clarence: I think you hit the nail on the head about the two figures seemingly not interacting and creating a little discombobulation. To be clear, I really like the vignette. This period is very tempting for me.

  5. this is really a lovely piece of work. the painting, the miniatures and of course the basework.

    stunning and really a top job!

    well done!