January 14, 2013

Games Workshop

I don't know what kind of local readership my blog gets, but I am happy to pass on the information that Virginia Beach, VA will soon be home to an official Games Workshop store...

First to the Fight!
As part of Games Workshop's expansion across the country, squads of Space Marines are descending on new locations! Stop by on opening Saturday at noon and be the FIRST TO THE FIGHT with activities, contests, and a free stuff (like the patch, buttons and poster shown) while supplies last!

Conversion Competition - We'll provide the bitz, you bring the tools, excitement, and creative genius!

Space Marine Painting Competition - Grab a Space Marine and paint your heart out! Be sure to bring your paint and brushes for this fun painting contest!

Scenario Challenge Competition - Bring your favorite 40K or Warhammer Fantasy army and/or the Lord of the Rings forces and face your opponents in quick, fun scenarios. Participants can play up to three games each if time allows.

The store's first day opens at noon. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners for all "First to the Fight" competitions will be announced at the end of the day.

Hilltop East Shopping Center

1564 Laskin Rd. Unit 172
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

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