January 1, 2013

Quindia Studios 2013

Whew! Welcome to 2013. One of the neat things about keeping a blog is looking back at what you accomplished (and bothered to document) last year in the hobby. I took a look at last year's New Year post and had a laugh about what I thought I was going to do. The best laid plans...

However, I did manage to stick to some of my resolutions, one of which was tackle some of the lead and plastic I had around the house which garnered me two new 2000+ point armies for Warhammer 40k. I purchased very little of what I used to build these. I also learned that painting two armies in alternating blocks of 500 points is a fast and fun way to add to a collection and avoids being burnt out carrying the same palette around for months.

The second goal was to get stuck in on my Grand Alliance armies, which I managed fairly well, though I didn't finish as many units as I planned, but eight battalions of foot and two squadrons of horse is enough for one side for a small game of Beneath the Lily Banners.

2012 also saw the launch of my flag sheet empire to support the Warfare Miniatures line. I managed to cover most of the units involved in the Irish theater 1689-92 of the Glorious Revolution. This endeavor has been met with fair success and 2013 will see expansion of this period into other theaters and other periods as well, starting with the AWI.

So now, what else do I look forward to in 2013?

1. More Warfare units for the Glorious Revolution! I still need to paint three battalions of Huguenots and two squadrons of Danish horse to finish my initial goal for William III's army, then I will start on the Jacobites. My goal for the army of King James II is six battalions of foot, six squadrons of horse, and four squadrons of dragoons (modeled mounted and on foot). As I mentioned I will also be adding to the flags available for this period.

2. My debut as a wargames author with Wordtwister! 2013 will see the release of a horse and musket skirmish game that I have used for games in my home for a decade. The initial release will focus on the period that runs parallel to Beneath the Lily Banners, but the rules can be adapted for anything from ancients to any pre-mechanized period. I have used them for Ireland 1690, Spain 1810, and Africa 1890. There will be other efforts for Wordtwister as well which should include a BLB scenario book for Ireland...

3. Historicon 2013! Barry and I will again put on a BLB game at Historicon. Details are still sketchy but I will be building a new table specifically for the game and painting lots of Warfare Miniatures for the effort. I will of course document everything on the web!

4. I love Warhammer 40k so I don't doubt there will be expansions to collections (or more new ones). Maybe this will be the next 'A Tale of One Gamer' series.

Ok, there is no telling what else I will get into this year, but I'm looking forward to it. Hell, I might even make time to actually play some games (no, seriously). Thanks to everyone who keeps checking in and I hope everyone has a great 2013!


  1. Happy new Year!!!

    Sounds like you have all the planing done for 2013 ! Looking forward to follow them at your blog.

    Best regards Michael

  2. Looking forward to seeing your plans unfold. Have a great 2013