January 25, 2013

Sehested's Regiment

Here is the last of three regiments of my Danish Horse Brigade...

I thought it was worth showing the back of this regiment for the bases. These are the some new Warfare Miniatures Cuirassier models (as are all of my Danish horse). These were painted  in a two to four layer method with the new range of Games Workshop paints over a black undercoat.

Coats: Mechanicus Standard Grey (Base) - Dawnstone (Layer) - Administratum Grey (Layer)
Cuffs: Macragge Blue (Base) - Altdorf Blue (Layer) - Calgar Blue (Layer)
Vests, Trousers, Gloves, and Carbine Straps: Steel Legion Drab (Base) - Tallarn Sand (Layer)
Neck Cloth, Hat Lace, and Saddle Trim: Administratum Grey (Layer) - Ulthuan Grey (Layer)
Officer's Coats and Saddle Cloths: Mephiston (Base) - Evil Sunz (Layer) - Wild Rider (Layer)
Flesh: Bugman's Glow (Base) - Reikland Flesh (Wash) - Cadian Fleshtone (Layer) - Kislev Flesh (Layer)
Brown Horses: Rhinox Hide (Base) - Agrax Earthshade (Wash) - Doombull Brown (Layer) - Wargames Foundry Spearshaft A (one of the horses is darker and lacks the final highlight)
Black Horse: Eshin Grey (Layer) over the undercoat - Nuln Oil (Wash) - Eshin Grey (Layer)

Whew! These are the best Warfare sculpts yet and I really enjoyed painting them. I managed to paint all three units in two weeks. More troops for my Williamite army next week - Dutch Grenadiers!


  1. Stunning unit and paint job loke on all the Three regiments in your Danish Horse brigare !!!

    Best regards Michael

  2. Excellent looking unit. Really enjoyed all three Danish horse units

  3. Museum-quality work as always - love the neat terrain additions to the bases. Best, Dean

  4. Fantastic looking stands! The bases are amazing!

  5. These are really something Clarrie, beautifully painted and based. Your flag is really good too, looks just like a piece of painted silk flapping in the breeze!