January 24, 2013

von Donop's Regiment

Here is the second of three regiments of my Danish Horse Brigade...

These are the some new Warfare Miniatures Cuirassier models (as are all of my Danish horse). These were painted  in a two to four layer method with the new range of Games Workshop paints over a black undercoat.

Coats: Mechanicus Standard Grey (Base) - Dawnstone (Layer) - Administratum Grey (Layer)
Vests, Trousers, Gloves, and Carbine Straps: Steel Legion Drab (Base) - Tallarn Sand (Layer)
Neck Cloth, Hat Lace, and Saddle Trim: Administratum Grey (Layer) - Ulthuan Grey (Layer)
Cuffs and Saddle Cloths: Mephiston (Base) - Evil Sunz (Layer) - Wild Rider (Layer)
Flesh: Bugman's Glow (Base) - Reikland Flesh (Wash) - Cadian Fleshtone (Layer) - Kislev Flesh (Layer)
Brown Horses: Rhinox Hide (Base) - Agrax Earthshade (Wash) - Doombull Brown (Layer) - Wargames Foundry Spearshaft A
Black Horse: Eshin Grey (Layer) over the undercoat

The last regiment will be posted tomorrow...


  1. More great work! The flag looks very cool!!

  2. Great looking regiment, with a fantastic base and a great flag...

  3. Excellent stuff. And thanks for the colors' names ;)