January 2, 2013


Here is both the last unit painted in 2012 and the first unit posted in 2013 (didn't have a chance to finish the bases until yesterday)!

This will complete my Dutch brigade minus a unit of twelve Dutch Grenadiers (which I will be painting this month). The details of their uniform are rather sketchy. One account lists them as pale grey coats with blue turn backs while another lists them with red turn backs. It was Dutch practice to replace uniforms every two years, at the colonel's expense. Availability of cloth was more of a concern than maintaining tradition at this time, so it may be that both uniform accounts are correct! In any case, I chose red and made the coats a darker grey to make them stand out from the Brandenburg regiment with whom they will march. As mentioned on this blog before, a quick flag change and this unit could be any of a dozen other Dutch or Irish units...

The officer is again a simple conversion. He comes from the WLOA20 staff officer group and was originally handing a glass to a mounted officer. I just removed the left hand and sculpted my own. The tree and fence are from the Games Workshop Walls and Fence sprue.

Next up will be a King Billy vignette to lead my Williamite army and the grenadiers I mentioned above. Still to do - three battalions of Huguenots, two squadrons of Schomberg's Horse, and two squadrons of Danish Horse. Add some brigadiers and artillery and ONE side of this collection will be finished (at least until I get some units painted for the other side)!


  1. Great work Clarence a very dashing looking unit! I do like the tree and fence. What colour scheme do have you planned for Schomberg's Horse?

    1. Thanks, Ray!

      As usual, I have several sources that disagree!

      In Sapherson, he lists grey coats, red facings, buff breeches, and white hat lace. The horse cloths are red trimmed in white.

      There is a painting in Murtagh's book, The Battle of the Boyne 1690 that has grey coats with grey facings. Officers have red feathers in their hats.

      Some of the details in Murtagh's book are suspect according to other authors so I'll probably go with grey and red...

    2. That's the way I was leaning grey with red.

  2. More great work Clarence. The flags look fantastic. Can't wait to see more of your units for this period