February 20, 2013

Dutch Grenadiers

Here are a detachment of grenadiers from the Dutch Blue Guard.

A converged unit of grenadiers in Beneath the Lily Banners is traditionally deployed as close order infantry on one or two stands of 5-7 models each. There will be rules in an upcoming supplement for Beneath the Lily Banners for small units of single based miniatures between 3-9 strong. They will represent a forlorn hope, an advanced guard, or simply a detachment. The rules are not set in stone, but briefly these detachments are counted as separate units requiring orders. They shoot as either 1 or 2 stands depending on actual numbers and get the bonus for All Musket. They take morale tests as would other units requiring support/isolation modifiers to be applied. Standard BLB battalions do not check morale if the smaller detachments are routed.

Furthermore, Barry and I are very close to releasing a skirmish set for 1660-1760 and by basing these models as individuals I will be able to use them for both games! The rules are currently in the final stages of play testing and of course I'll have lots of info here as publication draws nearer. You can see pics of some of the play test games in the LoA gallery.

More grenadiers in a few days...


  1. Nice work Clarence, love the stubble effect!

  2. Excellent work on those Grenadiers

  3. Very, very nice - hmmm, and I never considered doing Lace Wars, but your work is impressive and inspiring. Best, Dean

  4. Great looking grenadiers!