June 1, 2012

A Tale of One Gamer - Part Two

This week for 40k Friday, I want to show the results of May, my first month of my ToOG project. I set out to paint the Space Marines of The Assault on Black Reach box set as the core of my new army - The Red Scorpions! Right off the bat, I decided to replace the captain that comes with that set with the multipart kit I also had in the closet. The rest of the models are from the set, with the addition of brass Red Scorpion badges from Forge World.

Just realized I complete forgot to 'weather' the Dreadnought - oh, well, I'll fit that in later this week. This comes to roughly 635 points which is a good start for the army and I am rather pleased with the results so far. I haven't decided exactly what to add next except a second Troops choice to make this a 'legal' army. I'll probably add a Command Squad to back up my Captain as well...

WARHAMMER 40K PLAYERS TAKE NOTE: I am a terrible Warhammer player. I tend to build armies with units I want to paint that look cool. I rarely spend a lot of time weighing point values other than to get the totals right. Do not follow my growing army list as a path toward victory on the table. You have been warned!

Ok, June is the month of Tyranids! My next ToOG post will feature my first 500(ish) points of my SECOND new army.

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