June 4, 2012

Flags by Quindia Studios

I am happy to announce that flags for the period covered by Beneath the Lily Banners and Warfare Miniatures will soon be available for sale in the League of Augsburg shop!

Regular readers have seen these on my growing 1690 collection, but we will be offering many more than I've shown so far. The initial release of nearly seventy regiments covers most of the foot units engaged at the Battles of the Boyne and Aughrim and will expand to cover the horse and other battles and theaters as I add to the range. The second release will begin to cover the French and their allies for the Steenkirke and Neerwinden conflicts in 1693. Eventually we plan to offer a comprehensive range to cover all of the major theaters and conflicts for the period.

Flags will be sold in sets of three units (with two flags per unit for a total of six flags per set). You can order them in glorious League of Augsburg Scale (50mm high), Quindia Studios Scale (40mm high - pictured above), Realistic Scale (30mm high or roughly six feet for 28mm models), or Small Scale (20mm high for 10-15mm units).

Every effort has been made to create accurate standards on the best available information. In some cases speculation based on experience, convention, and input from people who know a lot more than I do about the period was necessary. Finally, I will offer some purely fictional flags to help you fill in collections when units involved have no documented information.

It may be a week or two yet, but the artwork is done. Though orders will go through the UK, US and Canadian customers will benefit from a US production facility (i.e. me) which will keeping shipping down to the price of an envelope and a stamp! Barry (or more likely Gwen) will handle distribution to the UK and Europe and we'll work out the rest as they come. We are finalizing the lists and prices and as soon as the store page is ready, I'll post the update here...


  1. Great work Clarence. They look great buddy.

  2. Great news!! Looking forward to seeing more of these!!!!

  3. Beautifully painted figures; but those flags are so eye-catchy! Best, Dean

  4. Thanks, guys - I've been working on these for a long time. It has been a fun, if sometimes frustrating process, but it's exciting to finally be ready to put them on the market!