June 30, 2012

Sir John Hanmer's Regiment

Just put the finishing touches on another Grand Alliance unit, Sir John Hanmer's regiment of foot...

A few notes...

  • Officers may have adopted orange sashes by 1690 in honor of King William III, though this may not have been universal. I have chosen crimson sashes because I want to make my red and grey coated regiments as flexible as possible. With a quick flag change, I can use this regiment for Hanmer's, Cunningham/Stewart's, or Churchill's for the English, Dronningen's for the Danes, or any English/Irish units that we have no info on. Some of the substitutions wouldn't be perfect, but with the correct flag waving proudly overhead, most people wouldn't notice that the trousers might not be the right color!
  • I likewise painted a generic grenade symbol on the hats of the grenadiers for the same reason.
  • This unit is destined to have the first pike stand in my army, but I finished these on a deadline for inclusion in an upcoming article in Wargames Illustrated and I simply didn't have time to paint the extra four models! I will update the photo on the 1690 page when I get a chance to finish the pikes.

This will likely be my only English unit for the moment - at the Boyne they were brigaded in the front line with the Huguenot and Dutch battalions (which I will be painting later this summer). My current plan for my personal collection has a target of twelve foot battalions for my Williamites:

Dutch (2 battalions of Blue Guard, Brandenburg, and Nassau-etc)
Danish (the Foot Guard, Funen, Jutland, and Zealand)
Huguenot (De la Meloniere, Caillemotte, and Cambon)
English (Hanmer)

I also plan to add a unit of combined Dutch Grenadiers and some single model skirmisher grenadiers to take advantage of the Forlorn Hope rules we have coming up in a future book... :)


  1. Beautiful looking unit; good call on the colors and mitre caps. Best, Dean

  2. Great looking unit, like the idea keeping them generic

  3. A beautiful unit, love the grenadier caps!

  4. Lovely unit !

    Best regards Michael

  5. They look wonderful and its making me think of this period seriously now,