June 29, 2012

A Tale of One Gamer - Part Three

Again on 40k Friday it's time to post an update on my ToOG project. This month I painted the equivalent of a Battleforce Box set of Tyranids, built from sprues I had tucked away in the cupboard, which comes out to roughly 500-points. The first two pics are one unit - I just couldn't cram them all into the photo without rearranging my desktop photography set up!

Next month it's back to my Red Scorpions Space Marines. I have a Scout Squad on the table to fill my second Troops slot and a box set of Vanguard Veterans up next. Depending on how that goes I may add a Command Squad or another character if I have time. I'd like to make it to 1000-points if I can...


  1. Nice work on the Tyranids. Were they all painted using the "wash" method you mentioned earlier?

    I'd personally add a line to make the little yellow bits on the Warriors guns into eyes, like the old GW studio army. Very creepy.

    1. The yellow bits ARE supposed to be eyes. I didn't add the slits because I didn't add them in the 'Nid eyes either and I wanted them to be the same.

      All of these minis were painted with the wash method described in the new GW painting book, with a little more attention paid to the bigger models. This process is extremely fast!

    2. Ah! Sorry. Still looking great!

  2. I must say all your warhammer armies are beautiful. Not really interested in this gaming, but love to look at you figures.


  3. Not really my cup of tea, but very well painted!!!!

  4. Thanks, guys - Sir John Hamner's regiment is finished and awaiting photography later this weekend, so it's not all weirdos on my desk!

    I'm also setting up to take some action shots of more Grand Alliance stuff for an upcoming Wargames Illustrated article so I'll try to take a couple extra for the blog...